Las Nubes Rural Estate

At the foot of El Cajón Hill, 5 kilometers away from Cafayate, Las Nubes Rural Estate is located. It is an exceptional piece of land enclosed by carob trees, cardons, terraces and millenary ruins...

In this particular place, located higher than 1850 meters above the sea level, a generic wine is produced - varietals cut- the result of the daring vineyards of the estate which force their way among the growing terraces which once belonged to Calchaquí Diaguitas.

To get to the estate, departing from the main Square through Ntra. Sra. del Rosario Street to the South, you must walk three blocks until 25 de Mayo Avenue, turn right and start going up the slopes of El Cajón Hill.

You can also get by car, by mountain bike or just hiking along the gravel road. Cafayate landscapes and the ones that surround the region are worth visiting.

  • An exceptional piece of land

    An exceptional piece of land

  • Located higher than 1850 meters

    Located higher than 1850 meters

  • Different varietals to be tasted

    Different varietals to be tasted

  • The Torrontés

    The Torrontés

  • Main varieties

    Main varieties

  • A rewarding moment

    A rewarding moment

  • Terraces and millenary ruins

    Terraces and millenary ruins

On the way to the vineyards, you will pass by an old house from 1860 which belongs to San Isidro Estancia, being one of the few relics remaining of old Cafayate. From the distance, you can see the Italian Style of the house.

Further ahead, you will see the entrance to the Ruins of the Viewpoint and The Cave of Suri where a rupestrian painting of a symbolic small ostrich can be observed.

Once in Las Nubes estate, you will be welcomed either by the owners or by the managers of the establishment who will show you the place, explain the vinification process and pour the different varietals to be tasted.

In the area, you can appreciate growing terraces, ceramics remains and stones with community and individual mortars.You can still imagine the intense work of calchaquí women who used to grind collected corn, beans and carobs.

What’s more, you will enjoy a beautiful view of Cafayate Quebrada and an intense blue sky as backcloth.

Then, you will observe a selection of stocks used in the production of wines . Las Nubes uses a system of dripping irrigation which works three times a week, one hour a day.

The establishment has two hectares of plantations, having each 5,000 plants. The idea of the owners is to obtain a bottle of 750 cc per plant.

The labour at the vineyards is absolutely manual and the entrance of machines is not allowed neither is the use of herbicides or inorganic fertilizers. This fact assures that the obtained wine is organic.

Looking at the vineyards that epically appear among the rocks to give life to their fruit of exceptional quality is a unique sightthat surprises not only experts but also ordinary people.

Grape Juice is deposited in the fermentation pools obtaining, thus, wines. Las Nubes Estate has a typical feature- there is special care in the elaboration of wines and also in the storing of them.

The beverage is deposited in barrels of French oak for a year. This barrel provides it with different scents, firmness and color.

The red varietal obtained here includes a 60% of Malbec, a 20% of Cabernet Sauvignon and a 20% of Tannat which were personaly and manually collected by Mounier and his family.

This wine is bottled with no clarification and no filtering. That’s why there is some sediment at the bottom keeping the beverage very natural.

After learning some secrets about the wine process, you will taste it.

In this red wine the result obtained is a dark red wine , almost black which has a very intense brightness.

Bouquets range widely, being most dominant those of red fruits such as plums and cherries, appart from vainilla and wood fragance. In your mouth, the presence of Tannat provides it with a strong structure as well as the volume given by the Cabernet Sauvignon. Sensibly, the grate rate of the good Malbec softens the tannins and combines naturally this cut with great harmony. It is a wine to store which lasts from 10 to 15 years.

The Torrontés obtained at Las Nubes Estate is a yellowish wine with green tones. It has a very fresh and fruit scent being round and smooth in your mouth with great balance.

This white wine is ideal to be enjoyed at 12º as appetizer with light food, fish and seafood.

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Finca las Nubes de Vinos Jose Luis Mounier

El Divisadero (4427) Cafayate, Salta

Tel: +54 3868-422129

Tour typeTour type: Wine Cellar

Opening hoursOpening hours: Monday to Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 5.00p.m. and on Sundays from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.


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