Oliver Wine Bar, Eating Properly

Oliver Wine Bar is a distinctive place in Cachi and in the entire region. Not only will customers eat properly but they will also experience unique sensations that will invite them to stay for a while longer. A place worth visiting.

As soon as eyes are set on it, the architectural style of this old grand house built in 1830 in adobe and clay with cardon wood roofs surprises visitors. Oliver Wine Bar is a place where customers will feel comfortable.

Its owners respected this idea when they recycled the building. They never forgot this has always been a family house and, in a way, it is supposed to continue bearing that quality, perceived by visitors as soon as they enter the venue.

The access to the bar is made up by what used to be the parlor of this house acquired by don José Grimberg in 1930.

  • Opposite the main square

    Opposite the main square

  • Homemade pizza

    Homemade pizza

  • Old grand house built in 1830

    Old grand house built in 1830

  • A place worth visiting

    A place worth visiting

Ever since, this estate has housed everything from a drugstore to a general store. Eventually, in 2001 the venue acquired a new image under the label of Café.

By 2007, it had become a restaurant where signature cuisine became the protagonist. Specially thought for this region of Argentina, avant-garde dishes were served here using the most appropriate tableware.

The year 2008 brought along a kind of evolution which emerged as Oliver Wine Bar, a site where customers may taste the best wines in the world, including labels from Australia, South Africa and California, as well as the best wine made in Salta and known worldwide.

A conditioned venue with three halls ornamented with watercolor and oil paintings and old sign posts that, together with the good wine, contribute to the relaxing atmosphere where customers may even enjoy good reading.

In order to preserve the magic, a staircase leads to the top of the house where some paintings give evidence of the host climbing Cumbres del Cachi, a summit standing 6,400 meters above sea level, one of the most important in the country.

The other staircase reaches the hall called Colomé: a room with a wooden floor and large windows overlooking the snow-capped mountains displayed in sport climbing photographs.

Typical dishes include alforja, a plate based on stuffed cheese cooked on the iron plate, steak with high herbs filled with organic and biodynamic vegetables produced by Altura Máxima del Hess Family Group. Spaghetti with signature sauce and homemade pizza like Cacheña, Pizuela and Ornella Mutti also stand out, as well as other delicacies like home made sandwiches and Oliver’s nachos.

There is no doubt that aromas and flavors, as well as color both in the wine and the dishes, make up one of those sites which will remain forever in our memories.

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