Orán Orán

The City of San Ramón de la Nueva Orán lies 270 kilometers northeast of the City of Salta. This city is part of a rainforest ecosystem crossed by large rivers and creeks that constantly contribute humidity to the environment.

As a result of its large population, this is the second most important city in the province, which still preserves some typical customs and habits from inland villages in Salta in spite of its continuous growth.

Like in many other places, tourists may purchase handicrafts made of wood, leather and silver at any corner.

The Bermejo Rivers and its surroundings are the protagonists of several fishing and hunting outings. These are two of the most popular activities in the region and they summon hundreds of followers every weekend.

Orán is part of the North Tourist Circuit, whose yunga scenes are made up by mountains upholstered in green and dwelled by native communities as well as tropical crops -something unimaginable in other areas of the country.

Magnificent Baritú National Park is the main attraction in the region.


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