Rosario de la Frontera

Rosario de la Frontera Rosario de la Frontera

Part of the southern circuit in the Province of Salta, Rosario de la Frontera is a beautiful rural and urban settlement that seduces all visitors who come along in search of relax and pleasure during their vacations.

Its imposing mountain ranges, its valleys and plains contribute a unique micro-climate typical of this region in Salta, which lies to the west, featuring vestiges of the rainforest. This scene is known as the Chaco forest.

In the summer, thousands of holidaymakers seek the cool temperatures of the small rivers and creeks. However, during the rest of the year, visitors from Northwestern Argentina and other areas in the country come along lured by its hot springs.

Its hottest waters are distributed into the various pools of the hot spring venue. They all feature different therapeutic and relaxing properties, suitable for all ages.

Its fields and farms are cultivated year round. Beans, cereals, green vegetables, aromatic plants and tobacco are some of the most outstanding products.

The livestock grown in the area includes cattle and goats. This turns Rosario de la Frontera into an ideal spot to enjoy a good asado in Salta. One of the greatest pleasures among visitors to this zone.

Rosario de la Frontera

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