Cachi Archeological Museum

The small village of Cachi keeps an unimaginable archeological and anthropological treasure in its surroundings. A place worth visiting with eyes wide open.

Cachi Is Worthwhile

Reaching Cachi is not easy. Not because the road is in bad conditions but because, even if a little more than a hundred and fifty kilometers separate it from Salta, the mountain curves require time and skill. But it is worthwhile, anyway.

Those who love learning about what there was before our existence and preach anthropology or archeology as essential slogans will be glad to know that this place is the mecca of various scientific excursions which every year turn this town into the picturesque “white village”. Tours leave from Cachi towards the already existing archeological deposits or into the adventure of discovering new ones.

Objects of all shapes and sizes remain intact waiting for experts to interpret them and there are many sites which still today remain unspoilt.

  • The mecca of various scientific excursions

    The mecca of various scientific excursions

  • Archeological items that have been recovered

    Archeological items that have been recovered

  • Unimaginable archeological and anthropological treasure

    Unimaginable archeological and anthropological treasure

  • What there was before our existence

    What there was before our existence

An Exemplary Museum

The archeological items that have been recovered and displayed to the public in general are housed by the Cachi Archeological Museum, called Pío Pablo Díaz.

Amost 4 thousand archeological pieces part of the most representative collections of the various periods in the districts of Cachi and the Calchaquí Valleys are lodged there.

These periods include the preceramic, the formative or preclassic, the late formative, the empire or Inca, the Hispanic-Indian and the colonial periods. Likewise, over 100 archeological sites scattered all over the province of Salta and its surroundings are under the protection of the museum.

Not Only the Static

Visitors may also be part of the adventure, feel as if they were explorers, at least for a few hours. For those who would not settle for the excellent museum and its ancient pieces, guides and locals leave from Cachi escorting the most curious tourists to Las Pailas and La Paya, two spots where, after a two hours' walk, it is possible to appreciate the remains of Pre-Columbian civilizations which used to dwell the area.

It is worthwhile learning about this. Looking back is also a way of becoming aware of the present. It even gives us the chance of running into the near future and wondering what will become of us as time goes by. Or even what other people may think about us when they come out to explore and study our own civilization.

Cachi is one of those places in the world where one can stop and think. And thinking hurts because when man thinks he will never be the same man again. Man changes. Man awakes.

The tour is worthwhile.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

Bear in mindBear in mind: It is also possible to go on an excursion leaving from Cachi towards neighboring Payogasta (10 kilometers away). This is an old Indian village that still preserves vestiges from its times of splendor. Its name means “whitish town” in its primitive tongue.


Activities and tours in Cachi

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