Riding to the Querandí Lighthouse on a 4WD, ATV or on foot

A unique experience may start at Mar Azul. Never-ending and enriching, it will lead us to the lighthouse.

What is so unusual about the Querandí Lighthouse? It lies away from any urban settlement and therefore, getting to it implies an effort that makes this ride different from all others.

One of the best adventures on the Atlantic Coast is available at Mar Azul: a ride to the Querandí Lighthouse.

Forests made up by pine trees, cypresses, acacias and eucalyptus and huge sand hills are part of the geography of Mar Azul, which manages a perfect mixture between green vegetation and seascapes at every access to the beach. This turns this city into an exquisite view to behold nature.

But our aim was to reach the lighthouse. Once the town of Mar Azul ends, the forests ceases to be a forest and the road narrows down towards the sea. There is no other thing to do than go down to the beach.

  • A unique experience

    A unique experience

  • Huge sand hills

    Huge sand hills

  • 54 meters of height and 276 steps

    54 meters of height and 276 steps

  • A mandatory outing

    A mandatory outing

The best vehicles to reach this place are 4WD or ATVs. It may also be accessed on foot. The important thing is to be aware of the limitations of each option. That is why many visitors choose to hire this ride at a local travel agency at Villa Gesell, Mar de las Pampas, Las Gaviotas or Mar Azul.

The lighthouse was the first construction to be raised in the territory occupied today by the District of Villa Gesell. Finished in 1922, it lies 30 kilometers away from Villa Gesell.

The white and black silhouette of the lighthouse is made out from a distance. Featuring 54 meters of height and 276 steps that make up a spiral staircase, its light range spans 18 sea miles, which equals almost 20 kilometers. However, sailors assert that from the water at night it looks like a much longer distance.

Season after season, the lighthouse is visited by hundreds of tourists who come along from nearby beaches. The history of this place is totally worth sacrificing a day on the beach to pay a visit. No wonder tourists choose to take this ride on cloudy days.

And there it stands, facing the wind and boasting its coveted solitude which lures all kinds of people. A mandatory outing that may start at the forest of Mar Azul.

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