Camping in Mar Azul

For many people, this is one of the most beautiful campsites in this country. Surrounded by pine trees and with a particular view of the sea from any point, it is impossible not to imagine one day camping in this place.
Walking along the beach, we immediately notice we are in its singular presence. Hundreds of tents bearing all shapes and colors, large and small, old-style or modern, stand out from the thick barrier of pine trees that separates the wood and the small village from the beach and the sea.

Dozens of tents are strategically located in the spaces formed by the sandhills and the protection provided by the pine tree groves. These places turn into real treasures in the high season. However, the beauty of the rest of the areas is noticed at first sight. Either in the core of the wood, or overlooking the sea, most campers usually resolve to stay longer due to the charms of this place.

Sunshine or Moonlight

Waking up in a campsite in the middle of the high summer season is a majestic experience. In general, the first noises of nature are made by the local birds, whose singing announces the imminent presence of the sun.
  • The Sea, Always the Sea

    The Sea, Always the Sea

  • All shapes and colors

    All shapes and colors

  • Surrounded by pine trees

    Surrounded by pine trees

  • A majestic experience

    A majestic experience

  • Approaching the beach

    Approaching the beach

  • Small portable houses made of colorful fabric

    Small portable houses made of colorful fabric

They are followed by a couple of early birds, mostly anglers or hikers, who resolve to take advantage of the first minutes of the day to satisfy their favorite activities. They may be seen approaching the beach on their own or in small groups and always with a friend in common: mate, whose water was previously heated in the kettle as usual or in some of the modern electrical kettles plugged in at any of the posts, a few meters away from the tents.

Hours later, the rest of the campers wake up and not because they have slept enough but because the heat and the energy of the first sun beams invite everyone to abandon this small portable houses made of colorful fabric.

The Sea, Always the Sea

Once they leave the tent, campers can see that the sea turns into the great protagonist of the day. Before breakfast-lunch, it is chosen by most people to have the first bath in the day, to play beach tennis or to sunbathe.

In the afternoon, many campers choose to nap. Sleeping in the heat is not very popular, however, those who have spent a bad night or not slept at all find this activity particularly attractive: taking a nap when no one else is sleeping. At this time, the campsite noises continue. Swimmers and sportsmen go here and there and sunbathers and readers rest on the sand.

Everything becomes quieter after a few hours, when the temperature begins to go down and the sand gets cooler. Many campers begin to condition their tents and expect the night to fall. Then there is a fascinating show. Each fabric house has its own light, its own dwellers and, of course, its dialogs which may be heard from the rest of the tents through the very thin walls. “You can listen but you can’t criticize”, one of the old caretakers at the campsite revealed when we both reached the conclusion that the bustle of each tent turns into a tourist attraction itself.

No sooner does the sun set than all the towels and clothes head for the showers to come back packed in plastic bags up to the clotheslines where they will wait for the morning sun to get dried.

Asado, Guitar and Pillows

It is time for dinner. Fish for those who have had a good day at sea. Meat from the convenience store or the supermarket for those who were not that lucky. The truth is that the smoke coming out of the grills takes hold of the general sense of smell and some asados are envied at every tent.

Campers generally wait for the light of the full moon to turn off the portable lamps illuminating each tent and it is at that very moment when the sea breeze invades the campsite and the high pine trees and eucalyptus begin to blow.

The fire and the guitars are heard until somebody classically urges them to hush or until the mate gets cold. That is the time for the tents to get warm waiting for the first sunbeams to wake up again.

This happens every summer day in Mar Azul, and sometimes even in the winter vacations. Because, as the famous saying goes: “There’s no accounting for taste”.
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