Fishing at Mar Azul

This is one of the best sites to fish from the shore along the entire Atlantic littoral. Its large corvinas and brótolas, as well as its pejerreyes in the winter, turn Mar Azul into an unforgettable site

Sand and Fishing

On these shores, the sea features a characteristic easily identified: there are no sand banks like the ones seen from San Clemente to Villa Gesell. In those typical fishing spots, anglers must cast behing the wave breaking point so that the line does not get stuck at any of the many banks. If successfully managed, the point known as “low-tide terrace” is reached. At Mar Azul, on the other hand, only a small breaking point and a large low-tide terrace in the shape of a pot may be seen. This is definitely a different kind of sea.

  • A different kind of sea

    A different kind of sea

  • Sand and Fishing

    Sand and Fishing

  • The right equipment

    The right equipment

  • One of the best sites to fish from the shore

    One of the best sites to fish from the shore

Fishing guides usually offer to provide their services during boat outings, which guarantee pieces of high sport value, as the possibilities to catch larger and more specimens increase.

Early in the morning, at around 10, fishermen come close to the shore to sell fresh fish. Each customer chooses a piece that has just been caught. This is part of the common sense of all visitors to Mar Azul.

The evening is for many anglers the ideal time to fish, as most fish feed at this time and abandon the mistrust they get from swimmers during the day to approach the seaside. Bearing kerosene or halogen lamps, these fans illuminate the beaches until dawn. If they get lucky, unlike everyone else, they will enjoy sweet dreams during the first few hours of the brand-new day.

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