History of Mar Azul

For years, the District of Mar Azul was known as the last bathing resort in Villa Gesell. It was the anglers who, encouraged for the sudden depth of the sea a few meters away from the shore, turned this place into a famous fishery. Those were the days on which the forest began to populate the unspoiled sandhills, thus bringing along more tourists who dared to reach “the end of the village” as a result of the shade provided by the first pine trees. This place still belongs to the municipality of Villa Gesell. Croakers, sole fish, large fork beards and groupers, as well as dogfish and sharks could be caught from the shore just by casting the line; or else, by approaching the surroundings of the desolate windy beaches of the Querandí Lighthouse, only reached by Jeep or 4WD vehicles. As time went by, services reached this place and the Mar Azul campsite was settled down. Not only did it summon anglers but also thousands of vacationers who came along during the summer to see the graces of this area. The truth is that, in the blink of an eye, the fishing rods began to be replaced by umbrellas, mats, mate equipment, tejo and swimmers who would find the quietness Villa Gesell had lost long ago to a crowd of teenagers. Today, Mar Azul maintains the spirit it has had since its origins and it also welcomes families with all their members who, one way or another, take hold of the place. Even if the presence of man has made fishing scarcer, Mar Azul is the place where unforgettable vacations await all those who dare to reach this point.
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