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Located in the northern area of the province, La Paz is the last city on the Paraná in Entre Ríos. Marvellous and solitary, it has built a world of its own. Today, it shows off proudly to whoever wants to visit it.

Its name means "the peace" in Spanish. Some people call it "the city of doves", as this bird is the universal symbol of peace. Due to its geographic location, it is sometimes known as "the one at the top, the last city before reaching Corrientes". And, according to historical records, its name simply responds to "the peace" generated by the Cabayú Cuatía Creek when it emptied into the rough Paraná River. This enabled sailors to quietly disembark on the shore.

Highly Peaceful, But Also Full of Joy

La Paz has a little bit of all that, but also many other things. This is one of the most beautiful places in the Argentinian littoral. Its wide range of natural resources turn out to be ideal to have a rest with the family or to enjoy all kinds of activities, whether cultural, historical or those in which only nature takes part, such as fishing or navigating around its islands.

The main square has come to be called 25 de Mayo and, as in every small city in the provinces, it is considered the most important center for gatherings and activities in town. Festivals and celebrations held there summon the entire population, as well as the tourists visiting the city. The great triathlons, concerts or official announcements turn the square into the protagonist.

  • The main square

    The main square

  • Typical food

    Typical food

  • Thermal springs

    Thermal springs

  • The Paraná

    The Paraná

  • Marvellous and solitary

    Marvellous and solitary

But as a square, there is a particular aspect to bear in mind. Every day, the square caretaker is in charge of literally changing the day of the year in the square. One only needs to go round the inner circle of the square by bike, on foot or drive around its perimeter to learn what day it is.

Other constructions surrounding the square are the typical buildings in every provincial town: the Town Hall, the coffee-shop on the corner, the church, the provincial bank, the police station and the firemen brigade station.

The city casino attracts regular visitors in search for luck and chance every night.

About Museums and Piers

The Regional Museum is another attraction to be visited during a stay in La Paz. It is located in the Berón de Astrada Park, amidst an environment of cliffs and groves from where the wide Paraná River may be observed. The museum opened its gates in September 23, 1972 and at present has 11 rooms where it is possible to find the historical heritage of the entire Mesopotamian region.

Crafts, remains of Indian pottery, rooms decorated in the late XIXth and early XXth centuries style and ancient carriages exposed in the huge galleries and backyards in this old colonial house from the early XXth century.

The Craftsman’s House is another local attraction. It helps foster the various popular tasks attracting tourists. It is also located inside the Berón de Astrada Park and, apart from buying some handicrafts, visitors may take spinning and knitting lessons taught by local craftsmen.

The Fine Arts Municipal Museum is another must visit. Various artistic manifestations, both by local artists and by regional creators, are displayed there periodically. At the House of Culture, which works inside this same building, courses of various artistic expressions are given which summon both youths and adults.

Always Overlooking the River

The riverfront is one of the most picturesque spots in the city. Walking along the pedestrian circuit is one of the most interesting ways the city proposes for visitors to find themselves face to face with the river.

The municipal bathing resort, the old lighthouse and Complejo Terrazas offer some of the nicest spots to sunbathe, read, swim or have fun on the white sands by the river.

Whatever the season, the truth is that La Paz, just like the Province of Entre Ríos slogan goes, has all the shades of green necessary for tourists to feel at ease and to feel like coming back, just like they do every year.

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