Things to do in Federación

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Beaches in Federación

Even though Federación is a synonym for hot springs, it is also a perfect beach destination in the spring and summertime.

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Chaviyú, Nature Reserve

<p>In the city of Federación the possibilities of enjoying and discovering destinations are huge.  Recently, the <strong>Chaviyú Nature Reserve</strong> has been recovered by the municipality and valued.</p>


Federación Hot Springs

Opened in 1995, the Hot Springs in Federación are the first hot spring drilling in the Argentinian Mesopotamia and its waters emerge from a depth of 1,260 meters


Federación, a Synonym for Fishing

Considering the many water bodies provided by the land of Entre Ríos, it is only natural that fishing should be one of the most highly praised sports in the region. Federación contributes its own resources.

Contemplative Tourism

Federación, a Tale of Two Cities

The ideal way to see Federación (both the old and the new city) is by going on a train with no rails that leaves from the hot spring resort. This typical tour is a must for visitors.

Contemplative Tourism

Tourism in Entre Ríos, "a different land"

No sooner is this province mentioned than we immediately think about the Littoral, the colors of its carnivals, the spectacular sizes of their fish, its benevolent hot spring waters and its beaches packed with visitors...


Wandering around in a Robe

The hot spring resort has given a new appearance to Federación and now the city is organized according to the great deal of visitors who come along to enjoy these waters.

Hotels and accommodations in Federación

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