Chaviyú, Nature Reserve

The Chaviyú Natural Reserve is located 7 miles away from the city of Federación, in the province of  Entre Ríos, a place recovered by the municipality on the shores of Lake Salto Grande. This Nature  Reserve has many native species, birdlife, and a characteristic flora of this area. It is the best destination to practice ecotourism, canoeing, bird watching and photographic safaris.

An incredible landscape and biodiversity

Federación is an attractive destination for its hot springs and for the great variety of places and  experiences to discover. One of its greenest activities is the Chaviyú Reserve, a biodiversity corridor on the shores of the Salto Grande reservoir. There, you can find rare, endemic, and threatened species,  such as Ospreys, Mallard ducks, Painted turtles, Large-tailed turtles, Brown brockets, and River otters.  The typical flora includes species such as the camboatá and the hyptiacanthum cactus

Originally, “Paraje Chaviyú” was a railway station that used a forest of eucalyptus rostrata as fuel to  feed the locomotive. With the construction of the Salto Grande dam on the Uruguay River, the low lying areas were flooded, and the native flora could only be preserved on the high-hill areas. Over  time, the fauna adapted to the new habitat, generating an ecosystem with considerable diversity. In  addition, when there are strong downspouts from the lake, the old city and the flooded Nature  Reserve emerge between the islets of the hydroelectric project.

The Reserve covers an area of 124 hectares, which makes it one of the largest reserves in the province.  This protected area presents a mosaic of environments that highlight the importance of preserving  the local fauna. Various studies have recorded the presence of 134 bird species, 72 butterfly species,  14 amphibian species, 8 mammal species and 4 reptile species in the area. At the southern end of the  reserve is a semi-xeric forest that has remained intact. At the southern end of the reserve is a semi xeric forest that has remained intact. The puddles and marshes of the reserve are filled with Victoria  cruziana (giant water lilies), creating an impressive natural landscape.

The entire landscape can be enjoyed from the viewpoint and the walkway built to offer a better  experience of the place, especially in bird watching, the most appreciated activity by visitors.

In 2021, through the joint work of the Salto Grande Mixed Technical Commission, which financed the  management plan for the area, as well as the Municipality of Federation and the Ceydas NGO, it was  possible to elevate the project to incorporate the Chaviyú Natural Reserve into the Provincial System  of Areas. The objective is to improve the relationship between visitors and the natural environment,  and gradually adapt to accessible tourism standards for all sectors of the Reserve.

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