Angling in Colón

The City of Colón is one of the best options to enjoy angling in Entre Ríos. The Uruguay River and its sand banks turn out to be ideal to tempt bogas and dorados alike.

Fishing in the Uruguay River is the target of many enthusiasts who dream of the summer vacations in order to come across highly valuable fish like boga or the coveted dorado.

The traits of the Uruguay River right off the shores of Colón turn it into a paradise where fishing is varied and anglers may go in search of large dorados and patíes that wander along the riffles and nearby islands.

The sand banks, on the other hand, are the perfect scene for the large bogas, which may be usually spotted in broad daylight "sunbathing" with their backs outside the water surface. They are tempted by corn grain, salami or other bait options.

  • A telling smile

    A telling smile

  • The Uruguay River

    The Uruguay River

  • A paradise

    A paradise

  • A young fisherman

    A young fisherman

  • Ideal to tempt bogas and dorados

    Ideal to tempt bogas and dorados

The port zone has been one of the best fisheries in the city for years. Today, it continues to be the best site to settled down.

Its piers are open to fishermen day and night. However, it is at night when the sounds die out and the river is heard again as the home of large catfish and patíes, lured by worms on sinking tackle, the best alternative to reach distant locations.

In the fall, one of the most praised is the surubí. Even if it is far from plentiful in the Uruguay River, there are statistical figures that give proof that this fish likes the city. The locals have managed to catch large specimens using chicotes at night. They still do, though the size and weight has decreased remarkably as compared to previous decades.

Unlike its brother, the Paraná, the Uruguay River water is much cleaner and clearer. Its bed is made of white sand and rocks that make the water transparent and free of sediments. This is a fantastic environment to catch hunting fish like the surubí and the dorado using lures.

We just need to let ourselves be carried away by Colón, a city that has much more than good fishing opportunities.

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