Beaches of Yesteryear

There are few beaches like this: ample, quiet, ideal for the entire family, where the most important thing is to play, have fun and especially enjoy the sea and the sun. Just like yesteryear…
One thing that is possible at the beaches of the south of the Province of Buenos Aires is to travel to the past and come across large extensions of sand that may remain untouched for days, even in the summertime, when all the beaches in the country become a true ants’ nest with fervent admirers.

But this does not happen in Claromecó, or Reta or Orense. Neither does it happen in Pehuen-Co nor in other small beaches with a town of their own that make up the wide array of destinations offered by the Atlantic coast in Buenos Aires north of Bahía Blanca.

The sea, the sand, the foam, the water pools formed on the shore and the fear of the “wave” are some of the natural elements that have managed to make us think about the sea in a certain way, even nostalgic, ever since we were very young.
  • There are few beaches like this

    There are few beaches like this

  • The most important thing is to play

    The most important thing is to play

  • Enjoy the sea and the sun

    Enjoy the sea and the sun

  • A return to childhood

    A return to childhood

  • The beaches of our childhood still exist

    The beaches of our childhood still exist

  • Dialogue with the sea

    Dialogue with the sea

However, there is also an important repertoire of man-made objects, among which we can name the parasol, the toy cars, the bucket, the spade, the rake, and so on that are part of the inventory of indelible memories of the various generations that have visited and continue to visit the sea.

Even if the beaches remain the same, many of them have incorporated more infrastructures, including architecture and urban projects. This way, they summon more and more people and have transformed these environments of relax into small villages by the sea.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to travel back in time in the south of the Province of Buenos Aires and be delighted with these ancient beaches where playing with the sand or on the seashore is still the most important thing.

At the local wider lonely beaches, ATVs, 4WDs and motorbikes seem to respect the prohibition of approaching the beach. They are happy to ride only around the sand hills and in the outskirts, places exclusively appointed for these vehicles. This does not happen in other seaside destinations in the province.

These are perfect places to enjoy in the company o the family. Specially searched by couples with small children, their sands are undoubtedly a return to childhood and an excuse for adults to plant the seeds of their experiences in the new generations of tourists as unforgettable memories.

The beaches of our childhood still exist. Fortunately…

Pablo Etchevers / Pablo Etchevers

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