Dunamar is a new residential neighborhood lying across a creek from Claromecó. It soon gained popularity due to its varied vegetation, its fine-looking buildings and the beauty of its parks.
As soon as the creek is crossed, the landscape changes completely. This new place has a code of its own: a brotherhood with nature and slow pace.

Due to political and administrative reasons, Dunamar is not a town. It does not have either a zip code or a local area code number. Nevertheless, it is quite different from the City of Claromecó.

One of its distinctive features is that it is teeming with trees. Of course, the thousands of birds that lurk the tree groves contribute with a unique sound and hubbub to create such an amazing habitat.

During the summer season, hundreds of tourists choose this new seaside resort to satisfy their needs for peace and quietness while staying at the Atlantic coast.
  • Separated by a creek

    Separated by a creek

  • Is teeming with trees

    Is teeming with trees

  • Next to Claromecó

    Next to Claromecó

  • Both enjoy the Atlantic

    Both enjoy the Atlantic

  • A new residential neighborhood

    A new residential neighborhood

  • Has a code of its own

    Has a code of its own

The idea for this site emerged when Ernesto Friolín Gesell, brother of the founder of Villa Gesell (Carlos Gesell) and owner of the land where today Dunamar stands, resolved to plant these inhospitable dunes with the help of his wife in order to build some houses in the future.

The enterprise was successful and they soon attracted investors who became owners when the lands were divided into lots and sold.

This action implied that Ernesto Friolín Gesell became one of the most memorable citizens of Dunamar. That is why the bridge that crosses the creek today towards Claromecó, as well as the main avenue in Dunamar, has been named after him.

In the last few years, this small spot called Dunamar experienced a significant growth, evidenced both in its buildings, the number of visitors and the services it offers. All kinds of stores were settled in the area.

Its recreation area, called Barlovento, is one of the must visit sites at this small seaside resort that is starting to have a life of its own. Day after day, it is recommended by all visitors. Dunamar, a location worth visiting next to Claromecó.
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