A Unique Site: Barlovento

No sooner are its doors open than magic is felt at the very moment we look up. With the looks of a ship always facing the sea (“barlovento”), this beach bar is ideal for writers, historians and all those dreamers in search of a place to anchor their heart.
I am one of those people who believe that the world has one, two or maximum three places where we can be completely ourselves, happy just to breathe. And when in Claromecó, there is no doubt that I have found one of those places: Barlovento Beach Bar.

There are several meanings for the word “barlovento” in Spanish, which stands for “windward” in English. To keep it simple, the one suggested by Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia online) will help us approach the grounds for the name chosen by the creator and owner of this beautiful site by the sea, located in Dunamar, across the bridge that separates this place from delightful Claromecó.

According to Wikipedia, in Spanish Barlovento may refer to: a technical word that indicates the opposite direction to those followed by the prevailing winds; that is to say, the direction from which the wind comes. When referring to the hillsides of a mountain or the mountain range, it is used to name the side that is hit by the humid winds coming from the sea. It is also a district on La Palma Island, in the Canarias; Llanura de Barlovento is region in central Venezuela, located in the State of Miranda; it is also a group of islands in Cabo Verde; islas de Barlovento, are a set of islands in the Lesser Antilles; and it is also a well-known Venezuelan song.
  • An ideal place

    An ideal place

  • With the looks of a ship

    With the looks of a ship

  • Memorable characters

    Memorable characters

  • Old wooden house-hut opposite the sea

    Old wooden house-hut opposite the sea

The way I see it, after having spent hours in this place at all seasons, the first definition (the one referring to the site where “the winds are born”) was the right one to name this venue.

Just like salmons swimming against the stream, among sailors the phrase “a barlovento” (to windward) is used while sailing towards the origin of everything, against the wind, exactly to the place where nature resolves to start blowing. Barlovento has a lot of that.

Its atmosphere is completely reminiscent of the sea, with nautical elements that manage to catch the attention of both grown-ups and children, and a helm that faces the sea. This coffee-house, bar, restó, bistró, beach bar, restaurant or whatever category we choose to name it faces the sea, opens its doors at all times, welcoming foreigners who come unannounced. There are few places like this.

Its wooden walls boast newspaper clips about the venue and memorable characters that were part of the history of Claromecó and all its beaches.

Very few times does a place show so much to visitors, leaving an indelible imprint, telling them stories that survive beyond time, as if moored inside its walls, anchored in this small latitude and longitude in front of the sea.

And to top it all, having a look at the menu and the prices will give full evidence that the priority of this place is not precisely to make profit.

At times it is hard to understand that some of the real delicacies served here –such as squid rings and seafood- accompanied with beer or wine cost much less than anywhere else in the world.

Maybe the reason is that Barlovento is part of the origin of things, the site where winds start. It must be part of the philosophy of its present owners, who have continued with its founder’s legacy. And so this paradise continues to exist…

But this old wooden house-hut opposite the sea has witnessed the visit of glorious characters like Federico Vogelius, Enrique Mulder or audacious Christian Madsen. Who are they? You must visit Barlovento in order to understand a little bit more about their lives… Lives from the past that will surely change what remains of the readers’ life. That is the proposal for whoever is reading this text.

Fortunately, Google cannot explain the live experience of this paradise yet. It indexes it, but it does not breathe it in. The only option is to pay a visit.

Thank you, Barlovento. Simply thank you…
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