Butterflies from the World Museum

Only 34km away from the Federal District, in the City of San Miguel, an entomological musuem has been created to house an important collection of lepidoptera...

The Institution has been declared of Municipal and Provincial Cultural Interest.

The collection is the result of the effort and perseverance by Mr. Andrés Eugenio Varga, who has been accumulating items during his trips and expeditions around several regions and continents.

The exhibition has been classified and arranged in glass cabinets that enable visitors to appreciate 70,000 items, including fossils.

The museum has exhibition rooms, a projection room, workshops, a laboratory, a greenhouse to breed native specimens, a library and a historical archive about specific topics.

  • An unpublished sample

    An unpublished sample

  • Exotic anthropods from all round the world

    Exotic anthropods from all round the world

  • 70,000 items, including fossils

    70,000 items, including fossils

  • In the City of San Miguel

    In the City of San Miguel

The infrastructure of the building has been specially adapted for the preservation of inestimable collections, the proper temperature and humidity are kept inside, walls have been granted the proper insulation and there are light filters to avoid any kind of damage.

The preservation and promotion of animal species is a partial activity within a general task like biological preservation.

The most developed countries are becoming aware of the irreversible damage caused in the environment. Researchers and governments are working to learn more about the entomological specimens, their distribution and present condition.

Thus, amateurs turn out to be highly important, as their dedication to research and observation of nature provides a great contribution which represents the basis for scientific work.

It is impossible for a professional to capture and analyze a large number and diversity of species from all the corners in the country during every season and develop his scientific laboratory studies at the same time. Therefore, the museum summons all those interested in the topic so as to provide them with information about these beautiful insects, and invites them to cooperate in the research processes of the various species.

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