City Tour around Chascomús

In addition to the memory of its distinguished citizen, the City of Chascomús treasures several attractions for visitors. A perfect place to relax and enjoy recreation.

Every weekend, public holiday and even weekdays are ideal to get away and have some rest.

A Different Pond

It is essential to know that all excuses are valid to get to the City of Chascomús. Besides history and nature, it combines cultural and sports activities. And all this lies just 120 kilometers away from Buenos Aires.

We got away from a big city like Buenos Aires and reached this real garden of Eden, where the pond is the permanent oxygenating agent. Clear water is in full harmony with the green shades of nature at this spot. Not only does it invite visitors to behold, but it is also the scene for the most varied sport activities.

  • Its rich colonial architecture

    Its rich colonial architecture

  • City Palace

    City Palace

  • The prettiest, the richest and the most accessible

    The prettiest, the richest and the most accessible

  • A great deal of the history of the Province of Buenos Aires

    A great deal of the history of the Province of Buenos Aires

The pond and its waterfront are the main attraction in Chascomús, as well as its historical shell, where the church cathedral, the Town Hall, the famous Casco House and the matchless Chapel of Black People outstand at first sight.

Even if the city continues to grow through real estate and architectural developments, it still preserves the quietness and pace of rural life. It is a special site to appreciate the warm sunsets, a great nap or some mate.

Chascomús Pond undoubtedly is the prettiest, the richest and the most accessible water body of the circuit called “encadenadas” (chained lagoons) in the Province of Buenos Aires. Such circuit also includes Vitel, Adela, Chis Chis, del Burro, la Tablilla and las Barrancas Ponds, all of them joined by the Salado River.

The so-called “flechas de plata” -which stands for “silver arrows in Spanish” and refers to the silverside- continue to be the favorite fish among Argentinian anglers. Besides knowing a lot about them and having the right bait and appropriate accessories, fishing them requires a special skill that makes this fish unique. Besides, its lean meat and its subtle flavor turn it into a highly coveted dish.

But not only anglers enjoy the water. All nautical activities may be practiced in the same pond: ski, swimming, windsurfing and sail sports, among which kite-surfing stands out.

A Tour around the Center

One of the best options –and one that should certainly not be missed- for visitors to the city of Chascomús is touring around its historical shell.

Its rich colonial architecture is a sign of a struggling past that resulted in the complete expulsion of the native indigenous people from their lands. Since 1779, when Captain of Blandengues Pedro Nicolás Escribano founded Fort San Juan Bautista de Chascomús, the fight against the natives had been fierce and violent.

Until late in the nineteenth century, the much feared Indian raids were printed on the façades with bars, the mobile stairs inside the houses in order to become isolated on the second floor and the secret tunnels and passages.

When peaceful times arrived, the fields of Chascomús went back to agriculture and cattle-raising. In 1844, English rancher Richard Black introduced wire fencing, spreading this system from Santa María de Chascomús to the entire country.

The Town Hall building, Vicente Casco’s House (the first two-storey house with a door on the corner) –where several scenes of the movie “Camila” were shot- and various historical nooks in town lie around the main square. Visiting these spots lets visitors get close to the vestiges of the first gaucho and Spanish immigrant settlers.

Chascomús treasures a great deal of the history of the Province of Buenos Aires, which along with the estancias, the fields and the pond, convert this beautiful and neat city into an ideal proposal for a getaway.

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