A Baptism in the Air

Parachuting is an experience every man and woman should practice once in their lifetime. It surpasses the power of our imagination.

Man has always had the dream of flying and practicing this activity is making that dream come true.

Parachuting is a unique experience anyone can enjoy. They just need to visit some of the flight centers that provide the chance to try this adventure every weekend.

“Freedom” is the right word to explain the sensation of hanging in the air watching everything from above. Parachuting does not discriminate by gender or age. Where there is a will, there is a way.

For years, parachuting was considered a dangerous sport and there were enough reasons to say so.

  • Unthinkable


  • Close to one of the centers flight

    Close to one of the centers flight

  • The wonderful dream of flying

    The wonderful dream of flying

  • A sport

    A sport

  • Gaining more followers

    Gaining more followers

  • "Freedom" is the right word

Today, things have changed considerably and it has changed from a military to a sports activity in which hundreds of youngsters of all ages jump into the void from a plane to become birds for a few minutes. Together with other partners, they try unthinkable positions and formations in the air.

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