Going around the Chascomús Lagoon

Around the Chascomús Lagoon is a classic tour. Most people set out at the downtown waterfront. Whether on foot, by bike or car, the pleasure of touring this incredible place is much more important than the time it takes.

It is said that the conditions of this road are getting better and better and it is used not only by car drivers who visit the city but also by an increasing number of cyclists and pedestrians who dare to go around the lagoon.

Going around the lagoon has been considered as a special attraction for many years. “Although it is the same road, you can find out something different”, experts say and so much so that the features of this beautiful road (completely paved today) change day after day.

Setting out from the Waterfront

The usual starting point of this tour is the waterfront or some sailing or fishing clubs next to the historic quarter of this beautiful City of Chascomús.

  • A classic tour

    A classic tour

  • A place for everyone

    A place for everyone

  • A very different lagoon

    A very different lagoon

Most people choose to go round the lagoon clockwise. We slowly left behind the most inhabited area of the city and started to move along the waterfront, where there are fewer trees and signs advertising new cabins and lodges opposite the famous lagoon.

Just a couple of kilometers ahead, the traffic signs indicate the access to Route 2 and the presence of the Instituto Tecnológico Chascomús (IN.TE.CH) – which stands for Chascomús Technological Institute-, one of the most prestigious institutions in the Province of Buenos Aires.

Ahead and among many bends, there appeared some fishing clubs and campsites organized by several labor unions which own those lands. They also provide bungalows and permanent watercraft rental for those union members who decide to settle down in this place.

Puente Girado is an icon. Today, just like some years ago, this stream carries the water to the lagoon and when rainfalls increase (rain helps), this corner becomes an ideal site for fishing from the coast.

In recent years, one of the first gated neighborhoods was built and many people who needed more quietness built their weekend houses inside as well.

The campsite owned by Automóvil Club Argentino settled down in this place some decades ago, along with many others. This was the only recreational spot across the lagoon when the road had not been completely paved yet.

Top-class Estancias and Gated Neighborhoods

But the current situation has positively changed and the road around the lagoon now is completely paved. This allows visitors to arrive quickly and without risk at most of the nearby Estancias.

Along with fishing clubs and historical buildings such as the Argentinian Fishing Association (“Asociación Argentina de Pesca”), other recreational spots have been established lately and today they welcome a great number of union members who visit the various fishing sites on the lagoon every silverside fishing season.

However, the lagoon is not only a fishing spot, since water activities are increasing along with the boat storages: kayaks, canoes, motor boats, windsurf boards and nowadays kiteboards too seize the swell to display their colors and speed.

Back at the starting point, we could find out some bridges over creeks and small rivers which bind this lagoon with others in the area. This phenomenon gives origin to the name “Encadenadas” (the Chained Lagoons). Lastly, buildings and some long concrete piers lead to Libres del Sur Park, where hundreds of young people wander about on their motorbikes and bikes until late at night.

A must visit which takes time, but certainly enables visitors to enjoy a completely different picture of the City of Chascomús. It all depends on the corner from which it is seen.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Gentileza Chascomus.gob.ar

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