Visit to the estancias in the City of Chascomús

Chascomús is essentially a countryside destination and many of its estancias offer lodging. A distinctive way to enjoy rural life.

Getting to know Chascomús by spending one day or staying overnight at one of the typical estancias located on its outskirts is always an opportunity to enjoy the quietness and lifestyle of this charming rural city.

Breathing the fresh air of the city will let us go deeper in the pampas atmosphere. From the moment visitors arrive at this place, they can relax and have the chance to share the daily life of country men.

Just one weekend is enough for visitors to feel a “restorative countryside effect”: a lush landscape, good naps and time for staring at the famous Chascomús Lagoon during sunset.

Little by little, the estancias become the unfailing remedy for those who need a break from city life, those who feel stressed from the pace of their daily exhausting lives.

  • Estancia La Horqueta

    Estancia La Horqueta

  • Warmth in Santa Gertrudis

    Warmth in Santa Gertrudis

  • Living room of La Horqueta

    Living room of La Horqueta

  • Lunch in Santa Gertrudis

    Lunch in Santa Gertrudis

Among the traditional estancias is the so-called “La Josefina”, located on Provincial Route 20 on the way to Magdalena, 30 kilometers from Route 2.

From its gate ending at a beautiful colonial exterior corridor, visitors can breathe the eucalyptus scent. “La Josefina” was built in 1910 and bought in 1943 by the Behrendt family.

The red-roofed house, which replaced the previous house built in the mid-19th century, along with the barnyards, the orchard and an antique grocery area which nowadays houses a small museum, make up the main house of the 2,500-hectare estancia. This is a place to spend a wonderful countryside day with a barbecue menu or even enjoy a longer stay.

Another unforgettable estancia is Santa Gertrudis de Saráchaga. In the year 1878, the Casalins family bought this piece of land owned by the government of the Province of Buenos Aires and became the first farmhouse in this area. At present, Darío Saráchaga Casalins, the great-grandson of the first owner, runs this 1,660-hectare family business. The main house designed in a colonial style with a wide exterior corridor at the front of the building is sheltered by an old tree grove and since 1968 the estancia has had a chapel in honor of Saint Gertrudis.

Hidden behind an amazing park of lime, oak, willow and espino trees is “La Horqueta”, another traditional estancia in the City of Chascomús. Located on the way to Ranchos town along Route 20, the main house, dates back from 1928. It is an English Tudor style cottage which provides, together with another refurbished house, all the facilities necessary to have a good rest and relax.

Under the name of Lagoon Vitel is one of the important undertakings in the area. It rests on the shores of the beautiful and warm lagoon, well-known by the dogfish and pejerreyes fishing.

These countryside facilities provide riding lessons, horseback riding and other recreational activities for all ages. This one is one of the most beautiful lodges in the region, with warm and cozy rooms, an incredible fireplace and huge windows overlooking the countryside and lagoon. This spot becomes so special that guests usually decide to stay longer.

The same happens in almost every estancia near the historical headquarters of this incredible City of Chascomús.

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Contact of the excursion or tour

La Horqueta

a 2 Km. de la Ruta 20, Chascomús, Buenos Aires, Agentina

Phone Phone: +54 11-48131910

La Josefina

Punta Indio - sobre la ruta 20, Chascomús, Buenos Aires, Agentina

Cell phone Cell phone: +54 11-65277101

Santa Gertrudis

Ruta 2 - Km. 156 Lezama, Chascomús, Buenos Aires, Agentina

Phone Phone: +54 11-48015885 Cell phone Cell phone: +54 11-31999800

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