Visit to Carilo’s Commercial Center

At first it used to be a small site where visitors could have a cup of coffee or else buy something they had forgotten to buy at Pinamar or Villa Gesell. Today, the galleries and stores are coveted by the strong brands that wish to take advantage of the season. An ideal spot to wander around.

In the last few years, the commercial center of the City of Cariló has grown and managed to lure hundreds of tourists who get accommodation at the forest or come from neighboring cities like Villa Gesell, Valeria del Mar or Pinamar during the summer season.

When the weather is mild, the quietness and beauty of this site invite everyone to go for a ride, enjoy the stores or else find a perfect spot to spend the hours inside the favorable architecture.

Not only commercial but also cultural proposals have been incorporated in the venue. Visitors access several theater, music and art alternatives both in the afternoon and the evening within the forest scene.

  • An ideal spot to wander around

    An ideal spot to wander around

  • The quietness and beauty of this site

    The quietness and beauty of this site

  • Allusions to fairy tales

    Allusions to fairy tales

  • Craft Gastronomy

    Craft Gastronomy

  • Everything can be seen here.

    Everything can be seen here.

  • A perfect village

    A perfect village

Divisadero and Boyero Avenues are the busiest and most important in Cariló. They are so terribly crowded during the summer season that many people prefer to park their cars and walk along the streets named after trees, one of the distinctions of this delightful city.

The galleries and promenades are other attractions at Cariló. During the day, the architectural style of its constructions takes visitors down on a trip around the world. At night, it is paradise. It boasts every style from English or Swiss to the most modern architectural conceptions, including allusions to fairy tales, elves and Patagonia. Everything can be seen here.

La Verbena, the first gathering point, features a grass roof where sheep would graze. This made Cariló famous throughout the country. Other new tours and sites for meeting friends were created later on.

A perfect sight during the day, after sunset, the forest is completely dark under the stars and the moon. When this happens, the center of Cariló becomes the scene of a tale and invites us to be the characters that will get lost at this village that could very well be the setting of The Lord of the Rings, the epic fantasy novel written by British writer J. R. R. Tolkien.

Night turns this small city on the Atlantic coast into a magical place. Only while being there can it be understood. And it is certainly worth a visit.

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