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The Cariló Golf Club is, without any doubt, a unique place. Capable of making all visitors fall in love with its lawns, this is a point you should not miss when visiting this small summer village.

The Origin of Beauty

Golf, as the game we know today, was invented by the Scottish between the XIVth and the XVth centuries. Its practice became so popular in Scotland that the Parliament had to pass a law banning that game in order to prevent people from devoting more time to this activity than to archery, which was a military necessity. Anyway, the Scottish did not pay attention to these dispositions and in the early XVIth century, the king of Scotland authorized golf, which soon spread across the rest of Europe.

Made in Cariló

Of course golf would reach our continent some time later. The truth is that the first American colonists, who had brought this sport from England, were already playing it during their spare time.

Today, Argentina, its famous golfers and paradisiacal courses, occupy a position in the world’s imagination as one of the most beautiful countries to practice these activities, with spots praised worldwide.

  • A unique place

    A unique place

  • Spots praised worldwide

    Spots praised worldwide

  • In the forest

    In the forest

  • Countless visitors from all round the globe

    Countless visitors from all round the globe

  • Mood becomes harmonious

    Mood becomes harmonious

One of them is Cariló, which with its Golf Club surrounded by the wood awakens the interest of both locals and countless visitors from all round the globe.

The main feature of this course is that it is surrounded by a thick pine tree and eucalyptus grove, which has helped man to avoid the growth of sandhills during the period on which the bathing resort was created.

9 First, 9 Later

In the mid 1970s, the construction works of the first nine holes began following the design made by Tomás Sanderson. The course, like other courses in our country, was built in two stages.

This is the reason why the first 9 holes (inaugurated in 1976) have a strong British style, with narrow fairways and a structured layout that forces players to make blind strokes from the teeing ground at each hole. The last nine holes were inaugurated in 1998 and they feature the American style, which represents more movement, more swing, for golfers. These changes accelerated the game in a remarkable fashion.

At par five holes, professionals may reach the hole in two strokes, but they must hit the right fairway from the teeing ground in order to do this. And that is not an easy task because, as we mentioned before, most of these shots are made without seeing the hole (blind strokes).

The high grass and the sand, as well as the typical sea grove made up by large tree specimens, represent the only natural obstacles that contribute with a kind of beauty out of this world.

Whether we play golf or not, we are in a site where mood becomes harmonious, even to read a book or drink a cup of coffee at the Club House coffee shop. Ideal to forget about everything and remember, of course, that we are on holiday.

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