Cariló, the Wood, Streets and Promenades

At first glance, the forest seems to be alive beyond the presence of man, with incredible hidden paths, full of elves, gnomes and too much magic.

Art and Construction

So subtly have constructions been built inside the forest that you can see only pines and more pines in a thick wood where the houses are hard to spot. This respect for nature (from the very beginning and still valid as a priority) has made Cariló a unique and respectable site, where visitors know in advance what setting they expects to find.

From the main dirt and sand entrance to Carilo, thousands of pines give a warm welcome to visitors. The first meeting or arrival spot is nothing less than the shopping center of the village, from where tourists can notice the local hustle and bustle.

This shopping center, which has remarkably grown over the last years, keeps the spirit of its creation, of giving life and movement to the new pedestrian promenade, built under the influence of a Patagonian and Marine architectural style which lights and gives magic to the dark night of the forest.

  • The forest seems to be alive

    The forest seems to be alive

  • Influence of a Patagonian and Marine

    Influence of a Patagonian and Marine

  • Respect for nature

    Respect for nature

  • Refurbished shopping center

    Refurbished shopping center

  • A classic still alive

    A classic still alive

  • Welcome...


A wide array of shops from cafés, ice-cream shops, stores, supermarkets, services and handicraft shops, is available in Carilo, a beach resort always characterized by its style and high-quality.

Both during the day or night, this resort provides tourists with all the services required and offers shows and entertainment to enjoy leisure.

Amongst Streets and Pedestrian Promenades

Although Divisadero and Boyero are the most visited avenues, streets like Castaño, Avellano, Calandria, Casuarina and Cerezo embrace, together with the first ones, the most traditional pedestrian promenades and shops.

On arriving at Cariló, the presence of the bakery and pastry shop “La Verbena” (yes, of course, the shop which used to have sheep grazing on its green-grass roof) reminds us of a classic still alive.

These promenades like Paseo de las Victorias, Las Alondras, Cariló Plaza, Paseo del Manzano, the old backyard of the tavern, the Patagonian Paseo Epuyén, the popular Paseo de las Terrazas, Paseo de la Aldea, Paseo de los Avellanos, the modern and stunning Arcos, Paseo la Horqueta and Feria del Bosque are, along with the old but refurbished shopping center, the places appealing the visitors coming from every corner of the forest.

Tea and coffee accompanied with the most delicious homemade chocolate and fresh fruit cakes, a result of the local pastry and bakery products, guarantee people of all age the opportunity to enjoy the afternoon tea at a meeting point.

The signal of the sea wind, marking the end of beach time, is enough for the bulbs and lanterns to start lighting the cabins, apart-hotels and shops.

In those shops, not only may we enjoy a relaxed time to find new energy but also get lost behind changing rooms in search of the perfect sweater or ideal clothes to wear at a luxurious restaurant for dinner or, perhaps, buy some food necessary to go deep into the forest to gaze at a starry night while eating barbecue. Tomorrow will be another day.

Everything is possible in Carilo and, if when it comes to going for a walk, nobody is excluded because there is something for everyone.

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