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Specialized guides share their friendliness, dedication and knowledge on a tour around this building featuring refined lines.

In addition to the international hierarchy managed by the wines made at Salentein Winery, we find its space named Killka and the outstanding architecture of its estates at Valle de Uco, in the District of Tunuyán, a few kilometers away from the City of Mendoza.

We hired a tour at Kahuak to enter the fascinating wine world in the company of experts. Our first impression was shocking: we went around La Pampa Estate, a modern construction where the first thing to catch our eye was Killka, a cultural nook with an exquisitely built art-room containing highly valuable works of art.

We went on a tour around the most relevant areas in the company of a specialized guide. We went outside and walked amidst the vineyards. Then we accessed the elaboration room, as we were told about the features of the vines, the soils and the conditions necessary to develop in a harmonious way. Irrigation is done by dripping. Therefore, there are special reservoirs with meltdown water and underground aqueducts carrying extremely pure water.

  • The scenic beauty is magnificent

    The scenic beauty is magnificent

  • Its space named Killka

    Its space named Killka

  • The international hierarchy

    The international hierarchy

  • Grapes with a unique degree of ripeness

    Grapes with a unique degree of ripeness

  • Classical music by the Wine Route

    Classical music by the Wine Route

  • The aroma and taste of wine grown in the heights.

    The aroma and taste of wine grown in the heights.

  • Building featuring refined lines

    Building featuring refined lines

A brief account of the history of the winery asserts that its owner, Mr. Mijndert Pon, a Dutch man, arrived in Valle de Uco in the 1990s. The venue comprises three estates: El Portillo, where young wine is made; La Pampa, where premium wine is made; and San Pablo, at the foot of Cordón de Plata, the estate located at the greatest height and featuring vineyards only. The different altitudes provide various kinds of soil and, consequently, grapes with a unique degree of ripeness. It is usual to qualify wines according to the estate they come from. This is a very French custom.

In addition to its art-room, the estate we visited has a chapel. There is also an inn in the direction of the mountain, where several activities are practiced. Horseback riding tours amidst the vineyards, a highly appreciated outing among tourists, is available at San Pablo Estate.

The account continues: “Three premium lines are made at La Pampa Estate. Salentein Reserva is aged in oak barrels. Numina is the only blend made in the winery. Primus is the top or premium line and it is fermented in French oak barrels with late-harvested grapes. Then it is stored in new oak barrels. Very few bottles are produced every year”.

The cellar is located in the basement. It may be observed from a large balcony that overlooks the barrels, arranged in a circle, and the drawing of the winds rose in the central area, by the piano forte. This is a place second to none. It boasts perfect acoustics. Two musical shows are presented at this venue every year within the context of the Wine Road. We left with a fantastic sensation in our own bodies, as culture and wine are mingled there in a very subtle way. It is a dazzling thing to see.

We shared a tasting session that taught us about aromas, textures and flavors without any haste and with a thorough attitude. The fact that these wines are somewhat spicy is due to the mineral soil, the temperature and the altitude. Questions were made and an outstanding conversation began. Some of the attendants had a remarkable knowledge of the labels.

The long-awaited moment to have lunch at Killka Restaurant arrived. The large windows looked onto a very green lawn. A sea of vineyards and native plants accompanied the four-course menu designed by expert chefs. Sitting at an impeccable table, we enjoyed each of the wines chosen to match the dishes. We ourselves put ideas and sensations on the table. We talked about the balance and harmony of the wine varieties with respect to the different features of the food.

Before leaving, we bought some bottles to delight ourselves with the products of Salentein winery once we went back home.

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