TrelewTrelew - Photos: Jorge González
Owner of a special atmosphere, Trelew deserves to be travelled with peace, while ears, eyes and spirit are open to the secrets hidden in every corner.
Situated by the river Chubut, on the northwest of the province, in the incredible Argentine Patagonia, Trelew City offers important attractions.
With all their particular traditions, one gets closer to different colectivities.
It is permanent see of the Eistedvod, an annual Celtic meeting performed only in Wales and in this province. The event gathers musicians and poets to compete with their works and interpretations.
Trelew is 1.450 km. south of the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, and only 20 km. from the capital of the province of Chubut, Rawson.
It is a distribution centre for goods and services, and a communication knot that joins different regions of the province among them and with the rest of the country.
Since it is situated in the lower valley of the river Chubut, Trelew possesses a mild dry weather. During the winter, temperatures oscilate between 0ºC and 15ºC, for what it is advisable to count on thick clothes if you wish to visit the city during this period.
In spring and fall temperatures oscilate from 10ºC to 20ºC. In summer, between December and March, temperatures reach 38ºC, for what we advise not to forget the swimming suit, the sun screen and some warm clothes for the evenings when the temperature descends.

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