Dinosaurs in Trelew

Any visit to a paleontological museum has become a moment to enjoy dynamic learning and recreation. Inside its modern rooms, MEF -which stands for Museo Egidio Feruglio- displays fossils and documentation that give proof of the habitat and habits of prehistoric animals, especially dinosaurs.

The City of Trelew summons all kinds of tourists. Travelers who feel the need to look into the existence of other forms of life on Earth may visit the MEF, which houses findings of high scientific value.

We were on a family trip around the area and our children wanted to see and learn more about the Patagonian dinosaurs. When the guided tour started, we heard that the museum was about ten years old and that the miracle of founding it was the result of an agreement held between the local municipal authorities, the Feruglio Foundation and the contribution made by scientists from the CONICET (Consejo de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas), which stands for “Scientific and Technical Research Council” in Spanish.

The first human settlements in Argentinian Patagonia are represented in the first room, along with primitive microorganisms that constitute a landmark in natural history.

The center room is devoted to the Mesozoic Era. It displays replicas of dinosaurs from the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic periods. The presence of those huge carnivorous dinosaurs, featuring large teeth, was the most amazing attraction for the children

  • Habits of prehistoric animals

    Habits of prehistoric animals

  • Displays fossils

    Displays fossils

  • A center of scientific activities

    A center of scientific activities

  • The Femur

    The Femur

  • The past made us reflect

    The past made us reflect

On the second floor, a photo show gives account of the paleontological campaigns and the findings the scientists managed in this area. A modern auditorium completes task of spreading scientific information and various temporary shows travel all round the world with the purpose of revealing the treasures obtained in this part of the American continent.

“When a fossil is found, it is extracted by experts, who in turn carry it to the lab, where it is cleaned and analyzed. Afterwards, replicas of the finding are built for exhibition”, that is the procedure, according to what we learned.

In addition to guided tours, other activities for grown-ups and children succeed in luring more and more visitors. Two examples are the programs called “Explorers in pajamas” and “Scientific Café”; the former is for children and the latter is for adults.

Just 8 kilometers away from Gaiman, Bryn Gwyn Geological Park (meaning White Hillock) invites visitors to walk along an outdoor path. “This experience is a journey 40 million years back in time”, said our guide during our tour around the MEF.

Popularly known as the MEF, the museum seduced us with scientific adventure and a timeline into the past, that made us reflect upon our own presence on Earth.

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