Discovering the Florentino Ameghino Dam

The Chubut River bumps into an attractive construction raised by man and is modified and enhanced by it: the Florentino Ameghino Dam.

The surroundings of Trelew feature several attractions. Travelers just have to cover a dozen kilometers to go from the sea to the steppe, from the quietness of the river to the southern Patagonian winds or the soft hustle and bustle of this coquettish city.

We rose with the feeling of getting away from the sea and discovering the benefits of outdoor life and the beauty of a site we had been recommended as having a magic of its own: the Florentino Ameghino Dam.

Several agencies based in the City of Trelew offer this all-day tour. Therefore, we decided to find out what the tour was about in order to make it happen.

  • The rocky walls boast an incredible reddish tone

    The rocky walls boast an incredible reddish tone

  • The Chubut River

    The Chubut River

  • Hydroelectric Deployment

    Hydroelectric Deployment

  • River flood control

    River flood control

Very early in the morning, our guide picked us up at our hotel. We traveled on a van specially conditioned for this kind of tour in the company of other tourists.

We took Route 3 and crossed the entire City of Trelew. After a few kilometers, our vehicle took a detour in order to show us a group of recently discovered petrified trees.

A mini hiking excursion around the area enabled us to find this curiosity of nature and the passing of time. We could observe how several logs had been turned into rock.

Las Chapas was our next destination, where a detour finally led us to the longed-for Florentino Ameghino Dam.

As we got off the van, our eyes enjoyed the same colorful present: the reddish hue of a ravine that invited a great deal of green willows to grow, while the transparent quiet river rested below, next to the village that lies on its banks, featuring perfect houses and lawns.

A Dreamed-of Place

The rocky walls boast an incredible reddish tone and the Chubut River runs between their huge heights for several kilometers.

That is the reason why this site was chosen to construct the dam and give shape to an artificial lake that covers 7,000 hectares. Named Florentino Ameghino to honor the famous naturalist and discoverer, the reservoir is 255 meters long and was designed by engineer Antonio Pronsato back in 1943. It was not inaugurated until 1963.

A camping site area invites visitors to spend the night and enjoy some of the attractions offered by the dam, namely: fishing for large specimens of silverside and trout.

The trails around the area are usually crossed by the most autochthonous wildlife seen in Patagonia today: guanacos with their offspring, choiques and Patagonian hares.

At noon, we had some delicious empanadas for lunch and after a relaxed talk, including guitar playing, we headed for the famous dam wall, which represented the best dessert we could have.

After crossing several tunnels, we reached the top of the concrete wall. From the highest point, we could take the best photographs of the reservoir and the village to treasure a memory of our pleasant ride along its streets.

An unforgettable excursion in a place that should not be missed while visiting Trelew.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Jorge González

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