History of Trelew

The Welsh colonization in Chubut started in 1865. As a result of this process, Trelew began to develop. The name of the city stands for "the town of Luis", as a tribute to Welsh pioneer Lewis Jones.

After the works for the railway line between the valley and Puerto Madryn were authorized in 1884, Trelew emerged and became known as "railway end" in the heart of the Welsh colony.

Nevertheless, though the Welsh influence has always been present, Trelew never became a town with a purely Welsh identity. This is due to the fact that a migratory current from various countries landed in Trelew and mixed with the Welsh roots. Coming from Italy, Spain, Syria and Portugal, to name a few distant places, they gradually transformed the development of the town into a mixture of highly attractive cultures and religions.

Thus, Trelew became the center of the Welsh colony as well as the shelter of countless families coming from diverse places. Its cosmopolitan features emerged from within a family atmosphere and a society based on respect for the others and multiplicity of cultural identities.

Inside this population, every immigrant felt welcome to dream of their own land and work. That is how Trelew kept growing and even lodged the first musical bands in the area, most of which were made up by Italians. They gave joy to the town to the rhythm of the accordion, the guitar and the harmonica.

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