RawsonRawson - Photos: Jorge González
On the shores of the mysterious Atlantic Ocean, the City of Rawson is the capital of the Province of Chubut. It has numerous beaches where many sports can be practised in a permanent connection with nature.

Rawson possesses a small port in the outlet of river Chubut. The main activity is fishing.
In a characteristic environment surrounded by sea wolves, always near fishermen, the tourist will enjoy delicious dishes offered in the surroundings of the port: salmon, codfish, hake, mackerel, all recently caught.

Rawson is 1470 km from Buenos Aires City and 17 km. from Trelew City. The image of this city has been gradually changing with the construction of modern public buildings, for what it was called the "Brazilia of Patagonia" during the seventies.

It was the first Welsh settlement in Patagonia. Today it shows a constant development evident in well traced boulevards, people´s hospitality, and numerous cultural attractions.

Since it is situated in the inferior valley of river Chubut, Rawson possesses a dry tempered climate. During the winter, temperatures vary from 0ºC to 15ºC, for what it is advisable to wear thick clothes if you visit the city during this period.
In spring and autumn, temperatures range from 10ºC to 20ºC. In summer, temperatures reach 38ºC, so do not forget your bathing suit, your sun screen, and your warm clothes for the evening.

Rawson offers the possibility to perform short and long sports, cultural or recreational outings.
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