Fagnano, the Lake with a Sea Resemblance

The impressive image of Lake Fagnano stands out between the mountain and the wild high plateau. Its vibrant blue shades become choppy as the southern wind shapes waves that break on the shore.

The huge glasses of our splendid room at Kaiken Inn prevented the permanent winds of Lake Fagnano from hitting our faces. This endless extension of water offers a strong swell on its shores, making it resemble a large freshwater sea.

“Khami”“Large Water” was the name given by the Ona nativesselk'nam to the lake. Nowadays, it carries the name of Monsignor José Fagnano. One of the first Salesian men to be sent by Juan Bosco to Argentina, he occupied the charge of first Apostolic manager in the region.

It spans across approximately 100 kilometers. Its largest surface is inside Argentinian territory. It is shared with Chile and it empties its waters in the Strait of Magellan, on the Chilean side, through the Azopardo River.

  • Lakes of Fagnano

    Lakes of Fagnano

  • Lake of glacial origin

    Lake of glacial origin

  • A very cloudy day

    A very cloudy day

  • The impressive image

    The impressive image

  • A natural corner

    A natural corner

We sailed across Lake Fagnano on a very cloudy day and learned about its excellent conditions for angling. Different kinds of shore cause a strong contrast: some are plain and others steep.

Geological studies give grounds for a constant movement of the techtonic plates on which the lake rests. It seems that the western end is 50 centimeters higher than the eastern bank. This does not represent an overflow of the water volume. It just works as if the water were contained by a large slant bowl.

This gorgeous lake of glacial origin let us discover a marvelous nook on Tierra del Fuego Island. Several tours and activities available in the surroundings of this water body let visitors get to know the essence of local nature and the people who resolved to settle down there.

Adventure travelers will find countless options to go hiking along trails starting at the lakeshore. It is advisable to have some experience, get assistance and wear proper apparel before setting out in any hike, as some circuits are highly demanding.

We visited Lake Fagnano and its eye-catching inn. In spite of lying 3,000 kilometers away from the capital of our country, we were determined to return and try a hiking tour around its unspoiled wild natural scene.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

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