Hidden Garibaldi Pass

Getting away from picturesque Tolhuin towards Ushuaia, visitors get to Lake Escondido through the fascinating Garibaldi Pass, which crosses the mountain range.

We drove across Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego from North to South, heading for Ushuaia, our final destination. This let us see wonderful sceneries and go across the mountain range through Garibaldi Pass.

Once we left Tolhuin behind and we bade farewell to huge Lake Fagnano, National Route 3 displayed an even more dazzling area. We slowed down so as not to miss anything of that change of scene that led us out of the rainforest to climb up the mountain towards a place where the vegetation became sparser.

We were at 450 meters MSL and had covered barely 40 kilometers when Lake Escondido appeared before us. A vantage point showed us a startling panoramic view. Garibaldi Pass, between very high rocky walls, is part of the natural wonders in this part of the center of the island.

  • An impressive stretch of Route 3

    An impressive stretch of Route 3

  • A fascinating setting

    A fascinating setting

  • An even more dazzling area

    An even more dazzling area

  • Patagonia Argentina

    Patagonia Argentina

The smoke coming out of some chimneys gave evidence of one of the major commercial activities on the island: sawmills took advantage of the presence of large afforested areas in order to turn trees into timber.

Angling is allowed at Lake Escondido and hiking tours and mountain excursions are organized at Petrel Inn, located at the head of the lake. Silence was only interrupted by the quacking of some ducks that rushed away from us.

We left the winding road and the high rocky walls behind and little by little the horizon appeared again along with the famous peat fields lying to both sides of the road. Also known as wetlands, they are made up by a spongy light material that seems to sink as we step on it and that is used as fuel and for gardening purposes.

We continued southwards and the valleys of Tierra Mayor and Mount Castor announced that the City of Ushuaia was quite close. Thanks to our adventurous spirit, we had seen the last foothills of the Andes Mountain Range and now a strong sea air was welcoming us.

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