Memorable La Unión Bakery

Always crowded with tourists and locals that share a table, La Unión is part of the charm of this town. A place worth visiting to enjoy a cup of coffee.

We had heard about La Unión bakery even before reaching the town called Tolhuin. Once there, we searched for that traditional meeting point for both locals and visitors. As we went in, we were amazed by the great number of people who were enjoying a cup of coffee while the strong Patagonian wind blew outside making it impossible for us to see the passer-bys.

The answer to our surprise was in the good vibes we could feel within that environment, the aroma of the pastries, the perfume of the chocolate and all the tables occupied by people who were laughing, chatting or just stirring their coffee.

For the local denizens, this is a must visit when they want to chat, find out the news or just taste the delicacies Emilio Saez’s family have prepared for over 25 years.

The walls are upholstered by memories from national celebrities and unknown characters who have visited the shop. Willing to share their words with the rest of the locals, they have left their photographs and affectionate phrases.

  • The charm of this town

    The charm of this town

  • Always crowded with tourists

    Always crowded with tourists

  • Tribute to this great Argentinian cardiologist

    Tribute to this great Argentinian cardiologist

  • Pastries right from the oven

    Pastries right from the oven

  • Jeujepen Nº 450

    Jeujepen Nº 450

As we could not find a free table, we approached the counter and waited to be assisted standing right next to the coffee machines. In spite of the hustle and bustle, we managed to talk to Emilio for a few minutes and we learned about his beginnings as a door-to-door salesman. Later on, he set up the bakery with the help of his family and then added the coffee place.

Today, La Unión bakery is a business undergoing constant growth. However, its original spirit remains, even though thousands of people pass by this place during the long hours of the weekend.

“This is madness.” When work overwhelms him, Emilio goes out to watch the large cages with birds of different species he has inside the building. The trill of toucans, macaws and other eye-catching birds carries him away from the comings and goings of work.

A great admirer of René Favaloro, Emilio has devoted an area of the shop to paying tribute to this great Argentinian cardiologist whose wisdom and good intentions have been a real example.

We secretly asked him about his commercial success and he replied: “You need to come close to people, offer good vibes… I don’t know… I guess that must be it”. Then we learned that in addition to the aroma of pastries right from the oven, the entrance gate was welcoming us into this philosophy.

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