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Nestled in the center of the territory, Tolhuin is the youngest and the third most important district on Tierra del Fuego. Resting on National Route 3, the City of Río Grande lies 105 kilometers to the North and the City of Ushuaia stands 111 kilometers to the South.

Vast Lake Fagnano is located at its head and represents an important part of its tourist activities. What makes it most interesting and lures visitors is its location at the point where the Tierra del Fuego high plateau meets the Andes.

Those who chose Tolhuin and its area of influence as a recreation site will find a fantastic balance between what nature has provided and what man has managed. The idiosyncrasy of its people will do the rest.

Its microclimate lets visitors enjoy lake and land tours during most of the year, unlike other spots on the island. Large extensions of woodland surround the community and countless rivers empty their waters into Lake Fagnano and contribute food to the large rainbow trout dwelling in this water body. Angling is one of the main outdoor attractions.

Some cattle venues in the region give way to a highly praised tourist fashion. It is known as The Estancias Road. The most ancient estancias in the region show off their cattle driving and sheep shearing activities as part of their daily tasks without losing their rural spirit. Their grand houses have been conditioned so as to accommodate guests and offer details of great comfort.

In the last few years, new families have come to settle down in Tolhuin tempted by its attractions and the well-known improvement of essential services. Furthermore, the city welcomes tourists from the entire province.

It is possible to schedule navigation tours across Lake Fagnano, amusing hikes along the trails in the forest or just rest at the wide range of inns, cabins and campsites.

The name Tolhuin comes from “Tol – wen”, which stands for “heart” in the Ona or Selk´nam tongue, spoken by the first nations that were practically wiped out from the area leaving the essence of a land where nature is rich.

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