History of Tolhuin

Nestled in Tierra del Fuego, this city lodges approximately 1,200 denizens. It was founded in 1972, when territorial law 31 was passed, Alejandro Agustín Lanusse was president, Gregorio Lloret was governor and Néstor Nogar was mayor of Río Grande.

The city's founding stone was placed in what today is the intersection of Lucas Bridges and Luis Cárdenas Streets. It was during the same year that the first elementary school and first twenty houses were raised in Tolhuin.

The name Tolhuin comes from the Sellknam tongue, spoken by the local natives. It is the union of two words: “tol” and “wen”, which mean "resembling a heart". That is why this site is referred to as "the heart of the island" at present.

It was not until 1991 that the youngest district in the province -Tolhuin- was declared a community, with 442 denizens. In 1995, the mayor 's administration and the deliberating council were created through provincial law 231.

Nowadays, tourism represents a booming activity in Tolhuin, as its Andean Patagonian scenes and glacial lakes provide a unique quiet attraction. The city rests on the eastern shore of Lake Fagnano, which in turn represents a panoramic point. All this is the perfect combination to spend an original and quiescent relax season.

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