From Buenos Aires to Tigre by Helicopter

A few minutes away from the City of Buenos Aires, Tigre and its delta leads us deep into a natural scenery where the thickness of the shrubland is embraced by various channels of reddish waters.

On a cloudless autumnal morning, we left from the Jorge Newbery airfield, southern terminal, on board a helicopter towards the District of Tigre. Along the banks of the Río de la Plata, the aircraft compass pointed North.

A short direct flight in which there was nothing to be missed showed us how the tall buildings gradually turned into residential neighborhoods and nautical clubs. Vicente López, Olivos, Martínez and San Isidro showed their green lawns and promenades. We could also spot the Tren de la Costa route, the San Isidro Cathedral and the luxurious private neighborhoods.

Suddenly, the wide Río de la Plata narrowed down and turned into the Luján River. The big city vanished and the thick rainforest appeared before us. Rivers and channels carrying waters from the high littoral became the main attraction of the flight.

  • We left from the Jorge Newbery airfield

    We left from the Jorge Newbery airfield

  • Along the banks of the Río de la Plata

    Along the banks of the Río de la Plata

  • A very quiet lifestyle

    A very quiet lifestyle

  • A short direct flight

    A short direct flight

Picturesque watercrafts, passenger motorboats, yachts and sailing boats were sailing along the Paraná, Capitán, San Antonio and Luján Rivers under our feet.

Beach resorts, pubs and restaurants displayed an infrastructure specially prepared to welcome and assist visitors and tourists. Along the Capitán River, we could see a large number of country estates. Traditional island buildings, with their corresponding piers, followed one another along the channel, showing a very quiet lifestyle, near the city but as if they had been forgotten by time.

Resuming our way along the Sarmiento River, we got to the confluence with the Luján River. Watercraft traffic was more fluid here. As the perfect finale, before going back to the airfield, we flew over the traditional Fruit Market, with its docks, its stalls selling regional items and the Parque de la Costa.

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