Things to do in Tigre

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Contemplative Tourism

Shopping at Tigre`s Fruit Harbour

Among the tourist attractions of the city of Tigre, the shopping tour around the fruit market is a classic that no visitor to the delta can miss

TrekkingContemplative Tourism

Adventure, tango and Much More at the Delta

A tour around the Delta delights visitors with nature and <i>tango</i>. Unforgettable from every point of view.


Paddling in Tigre with Sudeste Paseos

The Paraná Delta dazzles nature enthusiasts with its countless rivers and creeks, perfect scenes to paddle on a kayak. A suitable ride for everyone.

Contemplative Tourism

<i>Paseo Victorica, Tigre</i>

Close to the River Station, <i>Paseo Victorica</i> displays one of the prettiest nooks in Tigre. Always in the sunshine, we enjoyed the river, a snack and some of the most interesting local museums.

Contemplative TourismFishing

Boat Ride around the Delta

The delta is one of those unforgettable sites that remain forever in the memory of its visitors. Sailing across this area is the best choice to get to know its rivers, its islands and its people from the inside.

AviationContemplative Tourism

From Buenos Aires to Tigre by Helicopter

A few minutes away from the City of Buenos Aires, Tigre and its delta leads us deep into a natural scenery where the thickness of the shrubland is embraced by various channels of reddish waters.


Museum of <i>Mate</i>, Unique in the World

One of the most typical Argentinian habits has its museum in Tigre. The Museum of <i>Mate</i> displays a complete collection a few meters away from the River Station.

AdventureContemplative Tourism

Parque de la Costa: Amusement in Tigre

Not everything is nature and quietness in Tigre. There is also another option: the amusement offered by <i>Parque de la Costa</i>’s roller-coasters, shows and rides.

Contemplative Tourism

Rowing Clubs in Tigre

The Lavalle-Victorica Promenade offers the possibility of getting deep into a fascinating world: the rowing clubs. They keep the history of the delta and one of the first sports...

MuseumsContemplative Tourism

Sarmiento`s Museum in Tigre

In the core of the Delta there is a very particular house inside an impressive glass box. It would belong to Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, “Father of the Classroom” in Argentina.

Contemplative Tourism

The Delta and the Río de la Plata by Boat

This is not the entangled and labyrinthic world of Jorge Luis Borges but a refuge full of charm and nature a few minutes away from the city.

Contemplative Tourism

The Delta on a Catamaran

For over 35 years, Catamaranes Interisleña has offered these rides. Ideal for those who, in addition to sailing the river, like to enjoy a nice cup of tea, or coffee or be delighted by a piece of cake.

Contemplative Tourism

The Delta`s Library in Tigre

There are people who seem to come from another planet. At the Tigre Delta, a group of men and women still experience the dream of taking books down for the islanders to read.

MuseumsContemplative Tourism

The Past of Navigation at the Naval Musuem

Tigre, land of rivers, shelters the National Naval Museum, a space full of details and history that lets visitors learn about the past of navigation both in the country and abroad.

Contemplative Tourism

Theater on the Delta Islands

The dream has come true. A group of islanders gets together every weekend at the Delta to enjoy popular theater.


Tigre Art Museum

An essential part of our heritage, the former Tigre Club and, at present, Tigre Art Museum which houses a fine collection of figurative art including that of the great masters, stands on the coast of the Luján River.

Contemplative Tourism

Visit to Martín García Island

The Martín García Island is magical. There, nature and history coexist daily as they are the protagonists.

Contemplative Tourism

“Fear Low Lands”, the most beautiful low lands of the Delta

A few minutes from the City of Buenos Aires is a distinctive and paradisiacal geography overwhelmed by breathtaking nature called “the low lands”.

Contemplative Tourism

Reserva Natural Otamendi

De muy reciente creación (1990), la Reserva Natural Otamendi se halla en el partido de Campana, provincia de Buenos Aires...

Tourism in Buenos Aires

The scenes contained by the Province of Buenos Aires are quite different: the countryside, mountains, large cities, lakes, the Paraná Delta and the wide array of beaches on the Atlantic coast.

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