Paseo Victorica, Tigre

On one of the banks of the Luján River, Paseo Victorica hides sunny nooks, benches to enjoy a quiet moment, gastronomic options and, eventually, one of the best museums in Tigre.

We got to Tigre on a perfect spring day. There was no wind, the sun was shining in a clear sky and the heat, which would become more intense during the morning, made us feel like walking around a bit.

We left the River Station behind, passed by the Museum of Mate and finally reached one of the points where the Tigre River joins the Luján River. Paseo Victorica, the ideal tour for our outing, starts at that very corner.

Paseo Victorica is a short street that borders the Luján River. It may well have been just another street, but the scene deserved better. Following the river course, this promenade winds around as if it had a life of its own.

  • Winds also had a life like

    Winds also had a life like

  • Boat ramp

    Boat ramp

  • On one of the banks of the Luján River

    On one of the banks of the Luján River

  • Small square

    Small square

  • Magical spots

    Magical spots

The bends and curves of the pavement unveil squares close to the water, where we found benches, galleries, playgrounds and fountains. Paseo Victorica is more than one street that leads from one place to another. It is an attraction itself.

In addition to the plants, the sunshine and the river, Paseo Victorica goes by numerous rowing clubs. The boat ramps interrupt the pedestrian promenade and add color to the tour.

Just like other institutions, many of these clubs function inside old houses raised in the early twentieth century, with their floors, roofs, decorations and gardens. Walking down the riverside, the air we breathed seemed to come straight from the Belle Epoque.

Specially thought for those who have some time to spare walking around and enjoying themselves, the popularity of Paseo Victorica has given way to the establishment of a great deal of gastronomic venues, including restaurants and pubs, that feature a wonderful view of the surroundings.

This walkway also leads towards two of the most interesting museums in Tigre. The first one, halfway through the tour, is the National Naval Museum, where the history of navigation is displayed through scale models and historical pieces. The second one lies right at the end of Paseo Victorica, next to Tigre’s Town Hall. It is the Tigre Art Museum, one of the most charming points throughout Tigre.

Amidst playgrounds and benches, the best part of Paseo Victorica is the possibility of strolling around safely, spending some time in the sunshine or drinking some beer, sharing mate in front of the river or enjoying some of the best Argentinian figurative art paintings. With its bends and curves, Paseo Victorica offers a nook to be enjoyed according to taste.

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