Parque Luro Reserve

Just 35 kilometers south of Santa Rosa, it is the only natural reserve of this typical La Pampa tree, the calden. There are self-guided trekking trails, an interpretation centre as well as bird and deer watching. The main house of Pedro Luro’s estancia can also be visited.

Located 35 kilometers south of Santa Rosa, it is accessed along National Route 35, which connects to Santiago Marzo bypass. Another option is directly along Pedro Luro Avenue from Buenos Aires, travelling along National Route 5, it converges at the casino roundabout. Once headed towards General Acha, the reserve is on the left before crossing the huge, homonymous lake.

The reserve lies in the Quehué Valley and is a paradise for flora and fauna. It is the only reserve in the world of the typical tree of the province: the calden. It encompasses 7,600 fenced hectares, 1,200 of which are devoted to tourism.

It consists of three different ecosystems: woodland, lake and dune with plentiful, varied flora and avifauna as well as historical testimonies of the first decade of the 20th century, when Pedro Olegario Luro decided to create the biggest private hunting grounds in the world in the middle of the forest.

  • National Route 35

    National Route 35

  • The Quehué Valley

    The Quehué Valley

  • Extensive lagoon

    Extensive lagoon

  • Self-guided interpretive trails

    Self-guided interpretive trails

There are three self-guided interpretive trails to observe, listen to and experience the reserve.

Populated by calden woods, lakes and dunes, the reserve boasts a castle which belonged to Estancia San Huberto, owned by Pedro Luro, and was declared a National Historical Monument. A visit to the castle, its imposing French architecture and its collection of carriages takes visitors back to the early 20th century and enables them to relive the splendor of long gone days.

At sunset herds of deer and flocks of rhea with their chicks in search of food are a common sight. An incredible assortment of bird species, flamingo colonies and puma and boar tracks on the soft ground of the lake are some of the awesome attractions of this spectacular park.

We recommend going straight to the Interpretation Center on arrival at the park, so as to schedule guided tours.

During the mating season stags can be seen rutting for a period of 45 days during March and April. During this time, the males round up groups of females bellowing loudly in what is known as the rut. They can be observed as they fight to keep their group of hinds and mate. Bird watching with field guides can be enjoyed all year round if booked in advance.

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