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Just ten kilometers from the capital of the province, to which it is connected through a motorway, less than 15 minutes separate the metropolis from this small historical village that is part of Greater Santa Rosa. There are museums and outdoor activities.

Toay is the main city in the district bearing the same name and it lies just 10 kilometers away from Santa Rosa.

Part of Greater Santa Rosa, it is connected to the capital of the province through a long boulevard with no traffic lights, a kind of two-lane motorway with roundabouts. This is a truly fast and safe road. Reaching Toay takes less than fifteen minutes from downtown Santa Rosa. To access this small city, we took Juan Domingo Perón Avenue and got past Ciudad Judicial (judicial city), a very modern unmistakable public building.

Following Perón Avenue, before reaching downtown Toay, we spotted Papú Vey Puudú Game Club on the right, where there is a mini zoo with specimens of deer, wild boar, rhea and antelope, among other species. On the left, we came across the Military Museums.

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  • Mary Help of Christians Church

    Mary Help of Christians Church

  • House and Museum Olga Orozco

    House and Museum Olga Orozco

The city was founded one kilometer away from the location where the first military fortress once stood.

Its urban shell still preserves several buildings from the early twentieth century, some of which have already been enhanced, like Olga Orozco House Museum, and others are undergoing a restoration process. This spot is surrounded by an ample rural area with sand hills and woodlands. This is considered one of the best locations for the practice of gliding.

Other historical buildings in Toay are the Centennial Monument, the Military Civic Center, Founder Guillermo Brown’s House and Mary, Aid of Christian’s Church.

Visitors may also spend a day at La Lomita educational farm, where children may milk or sheer sheep, tour around the natural caldén wood, go on a sulky ride, feed the animals, bottle-feed some little lamb and enjoy many other experiences city children are not used to. It is reached through Tita Merello Street. It lies three kilometers away from the southern roundabout.

There is also the Provincial Botanic Garden, accessed only on foot. It includes two self-guided pedestrian circuits. Visitors are given explanatory brochures on their way into the venue.

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