Things to do in Santa Rosa

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A Tour around the City

We visited the city hall with its Crafts Market, San Martín Square, the Cathedral, the Provincial Natural Science Museum, the Municipal Cultural Center, the Museum of Art...

Contemplative Tourism

City tour in Toay

Just ten kilometers from the capital of the province, to which it is connected through a motorway, less than 15 minutes separate the metropolis from this small historical village...

Contemplative Tourism

Deer Breeding Season

The natural cycle of the family Cervidae includes the mating season, when the male fight for the territory and the females. Witnessing these events is a true adventure.

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Don Tomás Park and <i>estancia</i> La Malvina

This green lung occupies 500 hectares and a lake, an ideal place to relax and enjoy outdoor recreation. There is an area with plenty of grills, a grove of trees...

Contemplative Tourism

Lihué Calel National Park

It lies on National Route 152, 120 kilometers away from Gral. Acha and 220 from Santa Rosa. Visitors may camp, climb up the hills to catch panoramic views of the area...

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Parque Luro Reserve

Just 35 kilometers south of Santa Rosa, it is the only natural reserve of this typical La Pampa tree, the calden. There are self-guided trekking trails, an interpretation centre...

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