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Santa Rosa Santa Rosa - Photo 1: Jorge González / 2 y 3: Sec. de Turismo de la Nación Argentina

In a purely rural province, Santa Rosa occupies a central position in the transition area between the pampas and Patagonia. Capital of La Pampa, its fertile fields generate very pleasant natural spaces propitious for the development of tourism.

National Routes 35 and 5 cross the City of Santa Rosa and join it in the four directions. For many years, it was a mandatory route to other locations, but lately, it has become a destination itself.

Communities of Central European origin have had a significant role in the development of the hundred-year-old City of Santa Rosa. Spanish, Italian and French men and women have offered their inventiveness, investment and labor capacity to start social, sports and cultural activities when the city was developing.

In the downtown, the streets are neat, clean and quiet but also show to be constantly booming. The accommodation and gastronomic offer grows day after day as a result of the incessant activity engendered by the cultural events and popular festivals held throughout the year. Congresses, marathons, folklore, vintage car shows, model airplane making or hunting are only some of them.

While touring around the downtown streets, visitors come across its modern cathedral, its handicrafts market and the natural history and arts museums, which house the cultural interests of the local denizens. Good hotels, inbound tourist operators, excursions and international cuisine make up the basic offer in the city.

In the outskirts, very close to the urban shell, extensive crop areas managed through the strong will of countryside people may be observed. They won their battle against the local aridness turning the steppe into green sown fields and high quality livestock. Areas with native sceneries may also be observed, where the caldén woodlands (typical native tree species) prevail along with the wild vegetation.

The organized tourist and sports circuits give the possibility to spend vacations close to nature and enjoy hunting and fishing a few kilometers away from the city center.

Parque Luro Natural Reserve is a recreation area and a reason for all the local inhabitants to feel proud. Its more than 500 hectares open to visitors shelter a caldén woodland area and concentrate cultural activities and a multi-sport venue. Today, "El Castillo" is a museum that displays furniture, carriages and personal items once owned by Mr. Pedro Luro, M.D.

Every year, between March and April, red deer in heat may be spotted during group guided tours that convey a spirit of respect for animals and nature.

Santa Rosa’s nightlife stands out for its varied options, which include the Casino Club, live music shows, cafés and pubs open until the early hours.

There is an international airport and a bus station that generate active traffic and join this location with the rest of Argentina. It may be said that the City of Santa Rosa has become a tourist axis all throughout the country, joining the Andes and the sea, the north and the south.

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