San Rafael from the Air

All visitors to San Rafael want to fly and that is possible because various paragliding schools have been settled down in the area in the last few decades.

The area known as Valle Grande and the Atuel Canyon is ideal to visit year round at any season. When tourists arrive, they take interest in one very popular activity: paragliding.

Enough height is gained in the surroundings of the valley known as Valle Grande so as to admire the whole area from the air. When the proper thermal conditions are given, we can get real high and capture the beauty of this urban settlement and its main tourist attractions.

The truth is that any inexperienced person may enjoy the freedom of being suspended in the air of Mendoza in the company of an instructor. No wonder Mount Victoria, located in Valle Grande is the perfect place when the weather conditions are suitable, both in the spring and summer, to come across the bird-men who are expecting the right moment to soar.

People who have never flown will do it for the first in a tandem flight. In this case, the instructor will do all the necessary maneuvers and the beginner will just enjoy the flight and take pictures to safeguard this wonderful experience.

  • The area of Valle Grande

    The area of Valle Grande

  • Remain suspended in the air mendocino

    Remain suspended in the air mendocino

  • The men-birds

    The men-birds

  • The instructors

    The instructors

  • Two-seater paragliders

    Two-seater paragliders

The relief and thermal conditions given in these skies are propitious for starters and experts alike.

San Rafael boasts soft hillsides for beginners. Instructors are in charge of passing on the basic knowledge, ranging from how to inflate the sale, running to the right point and starting to fly to how to develop the correct technique to face the ascending and descending currents that will influence the flight.
Landing, on the other hand, is usually quite smooth. San Rafael and its surroundings feature extensive fields and hillsides to touch land without any difficulty or danger of accident.

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