A Classic in Mendoza: Suter Winery

Suter Winery may be visited a few kilometers away from downtown San Rafael.

For years, Suter Winery has been one of the most coveted winemaking venues by tourists. This winery has jealously kept the secrets of traditional wine and champagne making ever since 1900.

As the various rooms are toured, the guides of the company give account of the diverse situations Otto Rodolfo Suter and his wife Ana had to go through before finally resolving to settle down in the area.

After looking into several aspects of the family history, visitors go around the facilities where the grape sugars are turned into alcohol, giving origin to worldwide known high quality wine and champagne.

After learning about the production stages, visitors are led to Suter Winery Wine Bar, where they are invited to taste the best wines produced in the venue along with a delicious tray of assorted smoked cold cuts.

  • The roads of San Rafael

    The roads of San Rafael

  • A productive oasis

    A productive oasis

  • A special microclimate

    A special microclimate

  • French oak barrels

    French oak barrels

  • Old and indelible old label

    Old and indelible old label

Not only is this a pleasant moment to enjoy good eating, but also education, as the winery guides teach the attendants the different secrets of wine and what dishes should be accompanied by which varietal.

Before calling it a day, the wine varieties produced at the winery. Premium Privado in cabernet sauvignon, malbec and merlot versions -aged in French oak casks for two years-, Rojo -a hundred per cent cabernet sauvignon-, Malbec Presto, -a hundred per cent malbec- and Chardonnay Festino -a hundred per cent chardonnay- stand out.

This is much more than a traditional tour. It is an amazing way to understand the art and secrets that make good Argentinian wine.

Autor Marcelo Sola Fotografo Jorge González

Contact of the excursion or tour

Suter S. A.

Hipólito Yrigoyen 2850 (5600) San Rafael, Mendoza

Tel: +54 260-4421076


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