Aroma of Olive Oil in an Urban Spa

We let our skin be stroked with olive oil and felt the benefits of its natural extracts.

During our visit to the most ancient olive and olive oil producer, we were told about the applications of olive extracts on the skin.

At the hotel where we stayed in San Rafael, we had the chance to join wish and action. As we crossed the spa door, we were welcomed by a harmonious environment teeming with green, soft music and an aroma that wrapped us pleasantly. A chat with the manager of the spa, Elizabeth Camacho, was the starting point for the excellent experience to find ourselves, take care of ourselves and increase our vitality.

We were shown to an hydrotherapy area with various kinds of baths and another area for massage therapy and reflexology, where the various techniques offer the chance to reach a state of deep relax. For us, the most original news was olive therapy, a system of anti-stress and antioxidant methods using extra virgin olive oil. The first-pressed oil and its essential extracts are used.

  • We let our skin be stroked

    We let our skin be stroked

  • Designed for unforgettable experiences

    Designed for unforgettable experiences

  • Hydrotherapy area

    Hydrotherapy area

  • A Shelter for Rest

    A Shelter for Rest

  • Pool


We were invited to wear our white coats and for two hours the world just stopped. We forgot our cell phones and let ourselves be carried away by the techniques proposed.

Learning Ancient Techniques

Elizabeth's soft voice told us that everything starts with the principle of combining beauty and health and balancing the inner and outer care. The present philosophy is the use of natural means to manage this harmony.

The use of olive oil started in Ancient times. The Greek and the Turk would use it with several purposes. As this element is present in the region, Elizabeth studied its effects on the skin.

Intuitively first and with specific formal analysis support later, she came to the conclusion that the nourishing value of olives were very high and no skin would reject them.

At the spa, the treatment with olive oil begins with hot water and salt hydrotherapy. This causes the vasodilation of pores and the exfoliation of the skin stratum corneum, making it free from remains or debris.

Once in the bathtub, a soft mint aroma was perceived in the air and for half an hour I enjoyed the soft bubbling of the hydromassage jets that provided relax to my body and made my skin ready for the next stage.

A Shelter for Rest

I recognized the dose of wellbeing and harmony I had heard about. I relaxed on a couch for a couple of minutes as I drank some herbal tea and mineral water. The most pleasant and beneficiary stage was still to come.

The skin nutrition process was carried out naturally through a biocosmetic procedure. Olive extract from leaves and stems with high content of Vitamin E and the polyphenols of olives are used, which combine invigorating and healing actions.

Once on the stretcher and lying on my stomach, I had the feeling that I had left a part of my body in the bathtub. The massage session began. After an hour, the expert hands of the kinesiologist and the oil made every inch of my skin feel the benefits of this application.

Just like in Central America the avocado, the guava, the papaya or chocolate are used, in southern Mendoza, wine therapy and olive therapy have prevailed based on the richness of the elements present in grapes and olives.

Face treatments are made after analyzing the kind of skin of the patient. Afterwards, a deep exfoliation procedure is carried out with creams, followed by olive extract splash and a mask.

Loving our Image in the Mirror

After a short rest for the mineral mud nutrients and the oil to penetrate the skin, a relaxing massage with olive and almond extracts follows. This gives gloss and freshness to the face, the neck and the neckline.

A drop of olive oil applied on the face everyday provides protection from outer environmental factors and gives way to good regeneration. What a lesson!

We had some tea, fruit and much mineral water as we let ourselves be “pampered” and our stress and routine was left behind.

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