<i>Champagne</i> with a Bianchi Surname

Many wineries have opened their gates to visitors and now reveal how a grape cluster is turned into wine. We accepted an invitation to learn more about the transformation of fruit into <span style="font-style: italic;">champagne</span>.

Aroma of Olive Oil in an Urban Spa

Old Grannie's recipes and the excellence of local fruit let us spend a moment of wellbeing in a space devoted to health and beauty.

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Borges Maze in San Rafael

The Borgian labyrinth that gave life to literary crossroads today is a labyrinth of living fence in San Rafael, in homage to the friendship between Borges and Bombal.

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El Sosneado Circuit

El Sosneado Circuit is part of the tourist alternatives the City of San Rafael has to offer. Mountains, rivers, dams and adventure travel are some of those attractions in a place where the sun shines year round.


Elaia Olive Oil

Though small in size, this venue is very important for the area and shows the entire process of making extra virgin olive oil to all visitors.

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Hydroelectric Power Stations in the Atuel Canyon

We witnessed the wonderful transformation of a waterway into electricity as a result of a process designed to invest in generating clean energy.


Intimayu, Wines with an Inca Name

We toured around a young winery that is going through a stage of search for premium customized wines. “Tannins”, “reflections”, “hues”, “intensity”, “structure” are some of the technical words...

Ski & Snowboard

Las Leñas

As for ski, the attraction has a name: the Las Leñas Valley. 200 km from San Rafael, it has excellent accommodation offers and matchless trails and snow quality, among other services.


Rafting the Atuel Rive

An exciting adventure over the rough waters of the Atuel River. The famous river rafting of the Grande Valley captivates visitors with its beautiful scenery.


San Rafael from the Air

All visitors to San Rafael want to fly and that is possible because various paragliding schools have been settled down in the area in the last few decades.


Sud Restaurante, Olive Oil even in Desserts

Cuisine with its own character and professionalism in which olive oil is a vital element and the main guest.

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The Atuel Canyon

A trip across the core of the mountain. We went on an excursion to the Atuel River Canyon and learnt everything about its formation. We visited the El Nihuil Dyke.

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The Atuel Circuit

The Atuel Circuit comprises El Nihuil <i>Reservoir</i>, Valle Grande Dam and the Atuel River, which reaches the City of San Rafael. A must visit indeed.

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The Diamante Circuit

Many circuits invite visitors to enjoy the City of San Rafael and its surroundings. Here are some of the must visit attractions in the Diamante Circuit.

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The Olive Road: Olives versus Oil

Whoever appreciates <span style="font-style: italic;">gourmet</span> cuisine, and especially olive oil on their table, may get to learn the secrets of how it is made at this factory, which has been producing it for years.

Tourism in Mendoza

The charms of the Province of Mendoza can be experienced and enjoyed year round: its natural beauties and the vastness of its mountains, its famed wineries and its excellent wines...


Vertical Limit

A breathtaking rappelling and climbing adventure in the area of the Atuel River Canyon. An experience in the rocks of the Grande Valley. Only for the fearless.

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Villa 25 de Mayo, with the Scent of the Past

Like an inhabited museum, San Rafael City blends colonial architecture with popular festivities letting us perceive the identity of this city.

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Water Matters. A Story of Dams, Rivers and Canals

Mendoza would not be what it is today if hundreds of people had not set themselves to think about what they should do with water. A story that makes everyone fall in love with this province.


Wine and Golf under San Rafael’s Sky

Very close to the city, the taste for good wine and a Scottish game in which each player faces the course get together in a combination that bears fruit year round.


A Swiss Winery in San Rafael

The wineries of San Rafael open their gates for visitors to see the essence of winegrowing and winemaking tasks and we got even more interested in their <i>boutique</i> wines. Jean Rivier is one of these.

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A Classic in Mendoza: Suter Winery

Suter Winery may be visited a few kilometers away from downtown San Rafael.

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Valle Hermoso, The Mecca of Adventure Sports

There is no doubt that Valle Hermoso is one of the sites chosen by many to practice adventure sports.

Hotels and accommodations in San Rafael

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