Towards the North of Las Grutas

A short tour connects the warm waters of the beach to the booming port of San Antonio Oeste, with some stops at attractive natural scenes.

In the summer, Las Grutas is a place to enjoy the beach, the sun and entertaining events available at different areas on the various beaches. Besides, it is the starting point for an interesting tour whose final destination is San Antonio Oeste.

Our vacations in January were coming to an end. Having participated in the festival known as Fiesta Nacional del Golfo Azul and its typical popular “salmonada” served in the streets, we resolved to reach the shore of San Antonio Oeste the next day.

We took the ocean drive towards the north heading for the place known as La Riconada very early in the morning. We got past the different slopes that lead to the beach and a wild site with a vantage point where anglers usually cast their lines to the sea.

  • The warm waters of the beach

    The warm waters of the beach

  • New sea confines

    New sea confines

  • The effects of the Atlantic

    The effects of the Atlantic

  • The low tide

    The low tide

We followed the route and came to Los Álamos after 4 kilometers, where we observed a migratory bird colony where these specimens come to rest, breed and feed. A few kilometers ahead, we took the road that leads to the East, towards San Antonio Oeste.

This fishing village welcomed us with its barges and vessels moored at the deep-water port. Its particular feature is that the boats run aground during the low tide and can only sail on the high tide.

The sea lions resting around the docks and the ships take part in the fishermen’s tasks and get their daily meals there. Huge store sheds complete the port scene.

We took a short ride around the area, where some railway houses are still preserved. These houses indicate the presence of trains in the distant past, when European colonists and immigrants fostered trade in the region.

La Mar Grande is the name of one of the most popular beaches at San Antonio Oeste. And there we went to enjoy its soft slopes. Birds such as red knots, or even flamingos at some time of the year, start to arrive as the sun sets and people abandon the place.

From Punta Delgada to Las Grutas, a succession of beaches welcomes sunbathing enthusiasts as well as anglers. Fishing is allowed at all seasons and the best silverside, soles, rays and chuchos may be caught in this area. The only requirement is to be aware of when each species is available and what kind of bait they like.

Back in Las Grutas, we visited an underwater park located at a rocky point. Its seabed boasts a rich flora and a wide array of fish species. First-time, professional and scientific diving take place there.

It is not necessary to get too far away from the beach in order to see new sea confines. And thus, our vacations ended with a recreational experience that gave us many anecdotes we would tell everyone about once we got back home.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Jorge González

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