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The urban layout of Oberá, teeming with the lush vegetation of Misiones, is the synthesis of a cosmopolitan society that has conveyed its cultural features at each corner.

This tour includes the most emblematic buildings and locations in the city.

Crossed by Sarmiento and Libertad Avenues, the metropolis permeates squares ornamented with flowery gardens, playgrounds and the main local stores. Right in the intersection of both arteries, there lies Saint Anthony’s Church, featuring Gothic style with an impressive 40-meter-high tower. This Catholic temple dates back from 1943.

On Italia Avenue, between México and Venezuela Streets, there lies the colorful Birds' Garden, a site where nature and the action of man have succeeded in creating a perfect combination to display over two hundred bird species.

San Martín Square, located on the street bearing the same name between Santa Fe and 9 de Julio Streets, boasts a sample of the lush vegetation that surrounds Oberá, creating shady spaces ideal to have a rest.

  • Saint Anthony’s Church

    Saint Anthony’s Church

  • Parque de las Naciones

    Parque de las Naciones

  • Oberá autodrome

    Oberá autodrome

  • The charms of Misiones

    The charms of Misiones

  • A cosmopolitan society

    A cosmopolitan society

On Ucrania and Suiza Streets, lies the Immaculate Conception of Mary’s Church, owned by the Ukrainian community. Its Byzantine dome with Greco-Roman and Persian influence, covered with plates of bronze may be appreciated from a distance.

Parque de las Naciones is located on National Route 14, between Andresito Avenue and Ucrania Street. Inside, it shelters the typical houses of the 14 communities residing at Oberá. The National Immigrant Festival is held in this venue during the first fortnight of September, with dancing shows, typical outfits and regional cuisine.

Traveling along José Ingenieros Street up to its intersection with Portugal Street, visitors will access Mbotabí Reserve, where a beautiful panoramic view of the irregular reddish soil of the city may be observed.

At 414, La Paz Street, Oberá’s Herpetarium displays the most exotic snakes, spiders and reptiles of the area.

Thus, we present Oberá. Now, this is an invitation to discover it through the tours and activities we have already given an account of. When you take those tours, you will find more details of the great contrasts displayed by this picturesque city. Enjoy.

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