Salto Berrondo Tourist Resort

As it was a wonderful day, we resolved to see the surroundings of the city. After we visited the Oberá Herpetarium, we travelled along Provincial Route 103 towards the South and let ourselves be dazzled by the lush vegetation that multiplies in all directions.

After covering 4km, during which we crossed the irregular terrain of Oberá, we found the access to Salto Berrondo Tourist Resort, a site that looked like a simple municipal campsite at first sight.

We entered and, to our surprise, it turned out to be much more than that. This venue features an ample lawn, a beautiful lake, courts and fields to practice sports, camping area, swimming-pool, trails to go hiking, barbecue areas with grills, restrooms and a spectacular 15-meter-high waterfall after which it has been named..

We began to tour around it and we did not take long in making contact with nature. Sites like this help visitors become cut off from the hustle and bustle of routine. They may walk on the soft green grass, feel the sun on their faces and listen to the birds squawking.

  • Its freshness invaded us at once

    Its freshness invaded us at once

  • Swimming pools

    Swimming pools

  • The waterfall, the rocks and the rainforest

    The waterfall, the rocks and the rainforest

  • Buffet


  • In making contact with nature

    In making contact with nature

A sound of laughter coming from a barbecue area lying nearby caught our attention. Without losing our shyness, we approached the source of the noise to see what was happening. That is how we met the members of the Ukrainian community, who were getting ready for a big banquet but in the Argentinian style: with asado, different varieties of salad and red wine.

The image was irresistible: a table bursting with happy people playing truco, while others were in charge of preparing the first charcoals of what was to become the “asadito”. The women chatted and several children were playing around. Those images certainly deserved to be captured by a camera.

As they heard that the pictures would be uploaded to the Internet, they did not hesitate. Very willingly, they staged everything so that we could freeze that moment in particular.

After a couple of takes, we said goodbye to our singular models. We intended to walk along the trail that would lead us to Berrondo Waterfall.

The trail featured low difficulty. It was a kind of ramp and had not significant slopes. What was more, every now and then, there was a kind of terrace where we could catch a panoramic view of the area as we had a rest.

During the hike, we took notice of the white and black cinnamon trees, ferns, cocús, tacuapís and lianas that spread around the area.

Before we could notice, we had reached Berrondo and everything was beholding. The waterfall plunged noisily before us and its freshness invaded us at once.

It is hard to describe what we felt as we witnessed that show presented by nature. The mood always interferes but we cannot deny that the mixture of the waterfall, the rocks and the rainforest may produce an extraordinary result.

After a few minutes, while our senses rested on the remarkable game played by nature, we returned to the barbecue area where the Ukrainian community was waiting for us with a delicious asado.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Gentileza

Opening hoursOpening hours: Mondays thru Saturdays from 6am to 11pm. Sundays from 6am to 12am.
How to get hereHow to get here: Provincial Route 103, 4 km away from downtown Oberá.
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