Monte Aventura recreational natural park

We headed for this recreational natural park with the aim of trying the multiple adventure activities Daniela Crieger and her team of instructors have developed so that both grown-ups and children may enjoy themselves safely and amusingly.

At this venue, visitors may take an intrepid “flight” among the trees using a 20-meter-long pendulum, swing above a pond –where they may end up soaked if they do not pay enough attention-, or feel the speed while hanging in the air from a Tyrolean rope that crosses the heart of the rainforest

The children are continuously assisted by a team of professionals that help them cross the footbridges, go up the tree house or go on the educational hiking tours in full contact with nature.

“Being suspended in the air, hanging from the over 150-meter-long Tyrolean rope is a hallucinating experience, as it makes tons of adrenaline flow along your veins” –says the owner of Monte Aventura, referring to the game chosen by most visitors.

At Monte Aventura, visitors may celebrate their birthday or organize social gatherings, as there is a bar service available for customers.

  • Amidst the natural habitat

    Amidst the natural habitat

  • A small portion of native forest, within the city

    A small portion of native forest, within the city

  • An intrepid “flight” among the trees

    An intrepid “flight” among the trees

  • Privileges contact with nature

    Privileges contact with nature

  • The pure air of its trails

    The pure air of its trails

Enjoying the entertaining activities proposed by Monte Aventura amidst the natural habitat of Oberá is a must during your visit to the city. Joy, fun and safety in one place: your children will thank you.

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